October 4, 2021
From Live Kindly

What do Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Travis Barker have in common? They’re all celebrity business owners with vegan-friendly brands.

Celebrity businesses are nothing new, but in the last several years, many stars have founded companies that center sustainability and social impact.

As people across the globe are more eager to embrace flexitarian diets, and young people are increasingly aware of the ethical and environmental impact of the clothes, food, and other objects they buy, it’s no surprise that these brands are very popular.

For example, popstar Selena Gomez launched her vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, Rare Beauty, in 2020. The “Same Old Love” songstress stated that part of the reason why she opted to make the range completely plant-based is because of her love of animals. Although Rare beauty is a relatively new brand, it’s already beloved by vegan celebrities such as Billie Eilish and more. Scroll through our list of 10 celebrities and their vegan-friendly businesses.

Source: Cdn.livekindly.co