September 8, 2021
From Veganuary

Looking for budget-friendly recipes? Check out these cheap vegan meals for students, families and people trying to save.

Dish and carrots on kitchen worktop
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There is a common misconception that vegan food is expensive and many people assume that eating a plant-based diet is a luxury. However, research from Kantar found that vegan meals cost 40% less than those based on meat and fish. In fact, staple vegan foods such as oats, lentils, pasta and chickpeas are among the cheapest foods around.

Whether you’re looking for healthy, protein-packed breakfasts or hearty dinner recipes you can batch cook and freeze, we’ve got you covered.


Making sure you eat a nutritious and filling breakfast is important! Try these recipes to kick off your day.

Fruity Protein Porridge

If you ask us, oats are among the most versatile breakfast foods. As well as being delicious and filling, they’re rich in fibre, iron, B vitamins and other important nutrients. There are endless ways to customise porridge and overnight oats, but this fruity protein porridge will leave you feeling full and super-charged.

Fruity Protein Porridge
Image Credit: Pulsin

Weetabix and Fresh Fruit

Weetabix is a beloved breakfast in the UK and that doesn’t have to change when you go vegan! Weetabix (or the supermarket own-brand equivalent) is easy to prepare when you’re in a rush and is cheap to buy. Combine it with your favourite plant milk and fresh fruit of your choice, and you’re good to go.

Weetabix with fresh fruit
Image Credit: Victoria Harley

Yoghurt with Fruit and Berries

If you need a cheap vegan breakfast you can make in no time at all, yoghurt with fruit is as simple as it gets. Simply grab your favourite dairy-free yoghurt, add fruit and berries, sprinkle with some seeds and desiccated coconut, and you have a delicious, healthy brekkie.

Fruit and berries
Image Credit: Jane Land


Plant-based lunches aren’t about bland and boring salads with obscure, expensive vegetables you’ve never even heard of. Our vegan lunch recipes are proof you can enjoy vibrant, flavourful dishes packed with the goodness of plants without breaking the bank.

No Chicken Coronation Sandwich

Sometimes, the vegan take on a classic is better than the original. This is one of those times! In this recipe, chickpeas substitute the chicken, giving you a delicious, protein-packed lunch you can create with a few simple ingredients.

Vegan no Chicken Coronation sandwich
Image Credit: The Flexitarian

Spicy Bean and Veg Soup

Soups are among our favourite cheap vegan meals because you can make them with whatever foods you have at your disposal. Filled with veggies and spices, this hearty bean and veg soup is perfect for chilly days.

Soup with croutons - a cheap and easy vegan recipe
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Lazy Lentils

Lentils make it easy to get protein in a vegan diet and you can use them in so many dishes. These slow cooker lazy lentils are warming, packed with flavour and ideal for batch cooking to save time and money.

lentils salad with onion, tomato and sauce, one of our cheap vegan meals
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Eating plant-based on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on tasty, filling and nutritious meals. These recipes are perfect for dinner.

Black Bean Chilli

A tasty chilli is great for enjoying with friends and family. This black bean chilli recipe is loaded with black beans, tomatoes, chilli and more, making it a delicious evening meal or a light leftover lunch. It’s also suitable for batch cooking and freezing.

Vegan black bean chilli
Image Credit: Pulsin

Red Tofu Curry

Is there anything more comforting than a curry? This simple and budget-friendly red tofu curry offers gentle spices to provide a sweet, mild flavour.

Vegan Tofu Curry
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Warm Dal With Spinach

You really can’t go wrong with dal, the ultimate winter warmer. This recipe is full of enticing aromas and flavours and can be made inexpensively.

Warm dal with spinach
Image Credit: Tibits