March 25, 2023
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You don’t have to love greens to be vegan, and even the die-hard fans of dark leafy greens can get bored of kale. However, it’s important to work them into your diet, as they provide essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, fiber, and more. Instead of forcing yourself to swallow another bite of steamed spinach, revamp your preparation. From simple yet crave-worthy salads to kale-infused ice cream, you’ll want to stock up your produce drawer to make these 10 fantastic recipes.

Why are green vegetables good for you?

As mentioned above, green vegetables are a good source of essential nutrients. In fact, according to the CDC, they supply 10 percent or more of the daily value of 17 nutrients per 100 calories. They’re also a good source of antioxidants, like beta-carotene, for example. Antioxidants are vital for our health, as research suggests they help to protect and repair cells that have been damaged by harmful disease-contributing molecules called free radicals.

10 new ways to eat your greens

There are many creative ways to get greens, and all of their nutrients, into your diet, as these 10 recipes show. Soon, you’ll actually be craving your veggies instead of forcing them down.

VegNews.Gomen CroppedAfrican Bites

1 Ye’abesha Gomen 

While wonderful on its own, this dish is best enjoyed when scooped up with spongy injera—an Ethiopian flatbread. These Ethiopian collard greens are simply made by sautéeing the leaves with a few key spices such as cardamom and fenugreek. Don’t worry about purchasing spices that aren’t in your cooking arsenal; you’ll quickly go through them as you make these greens again and again.
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VegNews.kalesalad CroppedHealthy Happy Life

2 5-Step Raw Kale Salad 

Even the truly kale-averse will want a trough-sized portion of this salad. A combination of massaging the kale and marinating it in a luxuriously creamy, slightly sweet tahini maple dressing breaks down the tough fibers and transforms the greens into an absolute dream. Beyond the flavor bomb of a dressing, the salad is comprised of other tasty elements including fatty avocado, sweet shredded carrots, and sharp raw onions for texture and a bit of bite.
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VegNews.PeanutCollards CroppedT. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

3 Peanut Collard Greens 

Virtually everything is better with peanut butter. These tender collards are dressed in the best oil-free peanut sauce and served over a scrumptious bed of sticky-sweet roasted plantains. With so many different textures and flavors, it will take a long while to get tired of this African-inspired side dish.
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VegNews.GreenMonster CroppedOh She Glows

4 Classic Green Monster Smoothie 

Blogger and best-selling cookbook author Angela Liddon may not be able to prove she invented the green smoothie, but she was posting these “Green Monster” smoothie recipes far before smoothie shops dared to put spinach in their drinks, and well ahead of the juice bar trend. This basic, antioxidant-packed smoothie is the gateway to all things green. It may look like a monster, but it tastes like a milkshake.
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VegNews.Greensoup CroppedThe Full Helping

5 Super Simple Green Soup 

It’s true about what contestants say on cooking shows—if you don’t like an ingredient, blend it. The act of blitzing a food into oblivion with other ingredients transforms it into something new and surprisingly delicious. This thick, immune-boosting soup disguises a wheelbarrow full of greens by making potatoes and garlic the star. As much as you’ll want to chug this down, be careful—it’s hot!
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VegNews.SwissChardGratin CroppedFrom Scratch Fast

6 Swiss Chard Gratin 

Green-based sides are generally light, but this recipe breaks the mold. It’s rich, indulgent, and worthy of a celebration—or just a typical Tuesday. Earthy swiss chard becomes decadently silky when baked in a bechamel of full-fat coconut milk and topped with crunchy, gluten-free breadcrumbs. While technically a side, this recipe eats like a meal.
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VegNews.kaleicecream CroppedVogue

7 Kale Cookies + Cream Ice Cream 

We wouldn’t advise swapping your salad for a scoop of this kale-infused vegan ice cream, but it’s just too iconic to leave out. Invented by vegan chef darling Chloe Coscarelli, this sweet green treat is the best cookies and cream variation you’ll ever eat.
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VegNews.Greenchiapudding CroppedVeggies Save the Day

8 Green Breakfast Chia Pudding 

Tired of packing your morning greens into smoothies? Try a greens-infused breakfast pudding. Simply make your own “green milk” by blending a few handfuls of spinach with your favorite plant milk and dates. Soak a spoonful of chia seeds in this nutrient-dense concoction and an hour later, you’ll have a surprisingly delicious breakfast of good-for-you-greens. A tip for parents: kids love this.
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VegNews.arugulasalad CroppedMy Whole Food Life

9 Simple Arugula Salad 

Arugula can add a fresh, biting element atop pizza or in a pesto, but some find it a bit too peppery to use as the singular base for a salad. This genius recipe tames the flavor by combining raw arugula with creamy avocado, sweet corn kernels, crunchy pepitas, and juicy cherry tomatoes. The entire bowl is tossed with a simple-yet-addictive maple and olive oil dressing to fuse all the elements into a salad you’ll crave every night.
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10 Palak Paneer 

When in doubt, make a sauce. This rich green curry is made with six cups of iron-packed spinach, but all you taste is the velvety smooth, spiced coconut milk base with just the right amount of earthiness. Use it to drown crispy tofu and enjoy it with a side of roti or vegan naan.
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