October 6, 2021
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Not sure what to do with your leftover pumpkins? These vegan pumpkin recipes will put them to good use!

Vegan pumpkin recipes
Image Credit: Unsplash

Although they make scary lanterns every Halloween across the UK and US, poor pumpkins seem to get ignored when it comes to cooking. But you’re about to fall in love with this underrated vegetable (if you haven’t already)!

Not only are pumpkins versatile for cooking, they’re also a great source of fibre and many other minerals and vitamins. They can be used in place of other squash vegetables and, given their sweetness, they also work well in various desserts.

Whether you get a whole pumpkin specifically to cook, a can of pumpkin puree, or use the flesh from your pumpkin lantern this Halloween, now’s the perfect time to try out this wonderful vegetable in a recipe or two. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best pumpkin recipes to get you started.

You might never have guessed it, but pumpkin can make a great base for a creamy cheese sauce. This is a vegan Halloween twist on the classic Mac ‘n’ cheese that’s as delicious as the original – and healthier too!

Pumpkin Macaroni Cheese
Image Credit: Natalie Tamara

Lasagne is the ultimate comfort food and who knew you could make it with pumpkin? In this recipe, pumpkin is used to create a puree that adds creaminess to this indulgent yet nutritious lasagne. This is a tasty take on the classic Italian dish and it’s sure to have you going back for seconds.

Vegan Pumpkin Lasagne
Image Credit: Bunny Kitchen

Here’s another creative vegan pumpkin recipe that utilises the sweetness of this wonderful vegetable. This is a plant-based version of the traditional Irish Barmbrack (or tea loaf). Barmbrack is typically eaten at Halloween time, so throwing pumpkin into the mix just makes sense!

Vegan Pumpkin Irish Brack
Image Credit: Green Leafy Gael

There’s nothing more comforting on an autumn night than a big bowl of chili. Chopped veggies, spices and beans work together with the canned pumpkin in this dish to create a mouth-watering balance of sweet and spicy.

Bowl of vegan pumpkin chili
Image Credit: Alison Bailey

If you’re looking for a warming recipe this autumn, The Vegetarian Butcher has created this hearty dish. The combination of vegan chicken pieces, potatoes, prunes and pumpkin makes a delicious seasonal dish you can look forward to year after year.

Persian What the Cluck with potatoes, prunes and pumpkin
Image Credit: The Vegetarian Butcher

Soup is another classic winter warmer we all love at this time of year. This recipe uses a range of spices to complement the pumpkin, making a rich, creamy soup you can enjoy for lunch and dinner.

Thai Pumpkin Soup
Image Credit: Zacchary Bird

Want a talking point to impress your Halloween party guests? This bright, beautiful pumpkin hummus will do the trick. This pairs perfectly with sliced veggies or crackers and it’s dangerously more-ish!

Vegan pumpkin and basil pesto hummus
Image Credit: Tideford Organics

This macaroni is plant-powered comfort in a bowl. You can use pumpkin or butternut squash to create this creamy, filling dish.

Roasted pumpkin macaroni
Image Credit: Alpro

Those looking for more indulgent vegan pumpkin recipes will love this. Combining two of the most satisfyingly sweet treats, this cheesecake brownie hybrid is truly exceptional. With a hit of pumpkin in every bite, this is a wonderful Halloween spin on the beloved brownie.

Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Brownies
Image Credit: Jessica in the Kitchen

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but why not spice them up with a touch of pumpkin to keep things interesting? If you have a sweet tooth, you need to try this recipe from Baker By Nature as soon as possible.

Pumpkin cookies
Image Credit: Baker By Nature

If these recipes have got you thinking about trying vegan this Halloween, check out our free 31-day pledge!

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