September 1, 2021
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Tired of your non-vegan friends thinking all you eat is kale and salad? Show off to your peers with these 15 indulgent vegan desserts that will make you the envy of all.

From British classics such as Sticky Toffee Pudding and Apple Crumble to unique, creative desserts like our No-bake Chocolate Tart with Vegan Meringue, there’s something for every occasion.

With autumn and winter just around the corner, it’s definitely time to start treating yourself to some comforting vegan dessert recipes. What are you waiting for?

Indulge your inner chocoholic with this sumptuous melt-in-the-middle vegan salted chocolate fondant.
It’s the ultimate vegan dessert to show off to your non-vegan friends and family!

vegan dessert

With summer rapidly winding down into autumn, this Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie makes the perfect cosy sweet treat. Packed with maple, bourbon and pecans, this pie is the ultimate comfort food served warm with a dollop of coconut cream.

vegan dessert

If you’re looking for an impressive vegan dessert recipe for your vegan dinner party, try this zesty lemon panna cotta recipe with a fruity coulis.

Served with a blackberry and basil coulis, the refreshing, summery flavours of this dessert are the perfect way to finish off your meal.

If you don’t have blackberries, you could make this using any frozen berries you have in the freezer such as strawberries or raspberries.

This silky vanilla custard pudding is topped with a satisfyingly crunchy layer of caramelised sugar.

Far from a traditional recipe, this vegan version uses coconut milk and chamomile tea bags for a quirky twist. Give it a go today!

This vegan pavlova recipe contains all the quintessential elements of a summer garden party. With its creamy filling, boozy Pimm’s sauce, and a sprinkling of summer berries, it’s like a glass of Pimm’s in vegan dessert form.

We may not have had the weather for it this year, but that’s no excuse! Bring summer indoors with a slice of this summery sunshine.

With a crisp and buttery pastry base topped with zesty lemon curd and fluffy vegan meringue, this vegan take on the classic dessert is every bit as delicious. Whoever said vegans miss out clearly hasn’t tried this vegan dessert!

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Make the most of blueberries whilst they’re at their sweetest and juiciest this summer with this fuss-free vegan blueberry galette. With a shortcrust pastry base and a healthy serving of blueberries, this dessert is completely irresistible, especially when topped with a dollop of vegan vanilla ice cream!

This vegan cheesecake recipe uses soy yogurt instead of cream cheese for that perfect slightly tart flavour which contrasts delightfully against the buttery oreo biscuit base. It’s the ultimate dessert for oreo lovers!

Aquafaba doesn’t just make fabulous vegan meringues, it also makes the perfect base for a light, airy, vegan chocolate mousse! This mousse is enhanced with luxurious dark chocolate and subtly flavoured with vanilla extract to create every chocoholic’s dream dessert.

If you’re planning on baking something decadent this weekend, put your aquafaba to good use with this no-bake chocolate tart topped with fluffy vegan meringue and raspberries.

With a buttery oreo base, rich and creamy chocolate mousse filling, and a gently toasted meringue topping, it’s truly decadent. And to think some people say veganism is restrictive!

vegan dessert

Traditionally made with double cream and mascarpone cheese, this plant-based dessert is entirely dairy-free! Instead, aquafaba is the secret ingredient that makes these espresso-infused vegan tiramisus so light and airy.

It’s the perfect indulgence for all coffee lovers!

This British dessert is a classic favourite as it provides simple, pure indulgence. The moist date sponge is lathered in sticky toffee sauce and served with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream or vegan vanilla custard.

What else could you want?

vegan dessert

Just when you thought vegan brownies couldn’t get more delicious, along comes vegan skillet brownies!

This oven-baked vegan dessert recipe has a gooey centre with crisp yet chewy edges and is essentially like eating a pan of brownies all by yourself! Plus there’s no arguing over who gets the corner pieces!

The apple crumble is a British classic, and definitely essential eating for when the nights draw in and the air turns crisp. This vegan recipe reinvents the classic by adding a tart base and plump blackberries into the mix.

Serve with a scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream for the ultimate comforting winter dessert.

We may have saved the best until last here. This tower of decadence is truly indulgent and makes a fantastic centrepiece for your next vegan dinner party.

The profiteroles are a hybrid of doughnut and choux pastry and are filled with a naughty coconut and liqueur cream and doused in chocolate sauce and sugar string. You won’t regret giving this vegan dessert recipe a go!

Sometimes it’s hard to beat the classic combination of salted caramel and rich chocolate. And what could be a better way to enjoy this heavenly flavour combination than in a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate tart?

vegan dessert

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