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July 2020

Oh She Glows For Dinner + Pre-order Bonus Bundle!

Hi everyone! I hope that summer is treating you well so far, and you’re staying in good health and good spirits during what has been a heartbreaking year. How are you and your families doing right now?  At long last, I have some fun news to share with you today! This cookbook reveal was supposed to go out to you in May, then in June, and then in…

Nike exposed for illegally selling kangaroo skins in california

Advertisement In excess of 100 retailers and online stores are selling soccer shoes made with kangaroo skins disregarding California law, a months-in length examination led by charitable Center for a Humane Economy (CHE) uncovers. California Penal Code § 653o became effective in 2016, restricting the deal and import of athletic shoes made with kangaroo…

Retail Giant Migros Collaborates With InnovoPro For World’s First Chickpea Yogurt

Advertisement Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, has announced the launch of world’s first line of dairy-free chickpea yogurts, incorporating InnovoPro’s chickpea protein CP Pro 70. The Israeli food-tech innovator described the collaboration with Migros on its new yogurt line as “a significant milestone for InnovoPro in Europe.” Migros…

Animal Save Movement Responds To Charges Brought Against Murderer Of Regan Russell

Spread the love Animal Save Movement today condemned the Halton Regional Police Service for bringing charges of “Careless Driving Causing Death” against the driver of a pig transport truck in the June 19 death of Regan Russell. Russell was attending a special Toronto Pig Save vigil to protest Ontario’s passage of the unconstitutional “ag-gag”…

Kevin Smith Brings Vegan Mooby Meals Nationwide

Spread the love Mooby’s is now a reality! From the silver screen, it has leaped from a Los Angeles pop-up restaurant to your own kitchen. Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) is seen posing in character showing off the vegan Mooby’s creations that look absolutely delicious. Director Kevin Smith in character as Silent Bob eyes up a Mooby’s burger. While the…

Vegan “Netflix” VegMovies Has Arrived

Spread the love The vegan version of “Netflix” has arrived! VegMovies is a database of over 200 movies that are in some way related to veganism or animal rights. Web design company Veg Groups built the VegMovies platform to make vegan and animal rights themed movies easier to discover and access all in one place. Movies with messages about climate…

First Vegan Meat Pasta Sauce Launches From Prego

Spread the love Pasta sauce brand Prego just launched their plant-based vegan meat sauce. The sauce is not only their first vegan meat-based sauce but the first in the United States and possibly the world. The new vegan pasta sauce line is called Prego+ Plant Protein and is a tomato-based sauce that contains a soy-based ground meat with 4 grams of protein…

India News: Making the best out of the challenging times

Most of our work is remote these days, and our team is making the best out of these challenging times. I’m writing to share some of the positive changes and highlights that are giving me hope Remote College Outreach We’ve kept our outreach going during the lockdown in creative ways by collaborating with colleges and engaging with students through…

Impact of 10 Weeks to Vegan

Background 10 Weeks to Vegan is a weekly email series from Vegan Outreach containing tips, recipes, and resources for those interested in learning more about animal-free eating. We’ve adapted versions for several different countries worldwide. To assess the effectiveness of our program, we surveyed United States, Mexico, and India 10 Weeks to Vegan…

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