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April 2021

The Best Vegan Food in Valladolid, Mexico

On our recent visit to Valladolid, we were able to explore the city's vegan scene and were pleasantly surprised. The colorful colonial city of Valladolid, Mexico is known more for its heritage and architecture than vegan food, which is why we were excited to stumble across some tasty vegan restaurants. Valladolid is a popular stop for tourists visiting…

Vegan Disaster & Pandemic Prepping: Recommended Foods

This page offers a grocery list for vegans who want to intelligently go about prepping for any sort of food supply disruption. Whatever the crisis, it’s worth at least thirty minutes of your time each day to stay current on developments so you can act as prudently as possible. Remember, you only get one chance at this. It’s much better to do a little…

World Day for Animals in Laboratories (WDAIL)

History of WDAIL This day of commemoration for the non-human animals who are being experimented on and for those who have died in laboratories is observed every year on 24 April. It began over 40 years ago in 1979 and was launched by the National Anti-Vivisection Society.  In non-Covid times the day is marked with a protest and march through UK cities…

India News: What our team has accomplished in 2021 so far

We rarely stop to pat ourselves on the backs when we hit new milestones or reach our goals. There is so much to do. Our team is constantly working to help animals by reaching out to more students to help them make compassionate choices and recruit institutions to the Green Tuesday Initiative. However, I’m pausing to share how fantastic 2021 has been…

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