January 11, 2022
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posted January 11, 2022

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Forever young, everyone’s dream. We’ve all heard so many tips promoting anti-aging and preserving physical appearance, including the importance of keeping a balanced diet, exercising, and drinking water. And beauty tips like massage, radio frequency therapy, and even plastic surgery. But what about preserving our soul and spirit?

We are the reflection of our soul. Think about a little girl playing around, jumping, laughing, just being free! Her soul is so pure that all she can show to the world is happiness and joy. We were all born with this pure and young soul, but time and life’s circumstances mark our soul, seen outwardly as scars and wrinkles.

The 80/20 rule says weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I suggest applying this same principle to look forever young, in this case 80% feeding your soul and 20% diet and exercise.

21 Tips to Look Forever Young

1. Spend Time With Yourself

The words you speak to yourself penetrate your heart and direct your life’s development.

2. Think Positive

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What kind of voice are you talking to yourself with everyday? Is it positive or negative? Your thoughts influence whether your soul is clean and free or caught up in negativity.

3. Find Your Inner Peace

When you conquer inner peace you will experience joy, and then all you bring to the world is peace and joy.

4. Take a Walk

Go outside, breathe fresh air, see nature and listen to a good motivational podcast (like the Main Street Vegan Podcast) that can bring you faith and hope.

5. Forget and Forgive

Leave your past behind. Forgive people who hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. This will make you feel lighter and free.

6. Listen to Good Music

Choose wisely what song lyrics you memorize and repeat continuously. Choose those with words of love and gratitude.

7. Keep it Simple

Don’t wear overly expensive things. Too much on the outside sometimes expresses how much you’re missing inside.

8. Moderate Botox and Fillers

Respect the nature of your human body. Accept the natural changes and be congruent to your age. Too much botox and fillers shows how much you’re rejecting your physical appearance.

9. Give

Seeing how other people benefit from our giving causes a comforting feeling that softens our hearts.

10. Be Thankful

Give thanks for all the things that you have and realize how fortunate you are. Be thankful for even the small and obvious things, like being able to take a shower by yourself.

11. Love

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Love your closest relatives, love people you know, and love people that you don’t know. Seeing people through the lens of love will make you more compassionate, and you will be loved in return.

12. Be Wise

Choose your battles. Don’t stay in places or with people that steal your peace. Don’t fight and waste your energy in situations that you cannot control.

13. Learn

The best investment in life is education, never stop learning. Take a class, watch YouTube videos, read books, feed your intellect.

14. Travel

Go see new things, refresh your vision, and renovate your mind.

15. Clean Up Your Social Life

Don’t spend time with people who do not add positivity to your life.

16. Compete With Yourself Everyday

Don’t compare yourself to others, only to yourself. Try to be better everyday.

17. Build Your Future

Start doing different things today.

18. Keep Away From Social Media

Don’t waste your precious time

19. Sleep Eight Hours

Sleeping is the base for good physical and mental health.

20. Have Friends

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Exchange ideas. Listen to the experiences of others to learn and laugh with them.

21. Keep Your Family Close

Our family’s love will always make us feel secure and supported.

Remember, forever young has nothing to do with age but with how we feel with ourselves and what we project to the world. Follow these easy tips and your life will be lighter, more joyful, and worthy of sharing with others.

Photo credit: Laura Leal

Laura Leal is a Main Street Vegan Academy graduate from Monterrey, Mexico. She has been a Chef instructor since 2006 and owns BōnMot Ice Cream and a restaurant, Common Bowlery. In the food business since 2001, Laura’s passion for food and teaching has always been fused. Her mission is to offer more plant-based options in the city throughout all of her businesses. You can follow her on Instagram and @laura_lealp and Facebook @Cheflauralealp.

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