November 17, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Top chef Marco Pierre, to bring a 3d printed meat alternative to his 22 UK Steak houses

Marco Pierre, A well-known chef, will be adding a 3d printed steak to his steak house menus after showing interest in buying supplies from the Israeli company ‘Redefine’. This comes after many non-meat eaters ask for alternatives when dining.

Redefine use 3d printing and AI to replicate not only the taste of beef and lamb but also the texture of the meat. With this process, the steak is as realistic as possible.

The Vegan Steaks will be made from soy and pea protein, beetroot and coconut fat. These are usually the staple ingredients for other meat alternatives.

Images from ‘Redefine’

They will be priced the same as the meat selection, around £20-£30. The price of meat options is £28.95 for fillet steak, £26.50 for sirloin steak and £28.50 for ribeye steak.

Redefine says they ‘spent years studying meat’s complex structure to understand what drives each sensory process and ensure we offer the same experience as animal meat’. 

The company is made up of meat lovers who want to change the world. With 3d meat, it’s their way of still having the taste and texture people love without harming the animals or environment.

We posted the news on Vegan Food Uk, and people had mixed feelings. One person commented, ‘Not going to go out of my way to eat in a steak restaurant, but I’m definitely interested in trying these’ 

Another said, ‘if it helps the animals then great, I’m not interested (if) I eat better food’.

Would you give this realistic Vegan steak a go, or do you prefer more natural products?