October 4, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Plant Pioneers have released lots of new and exciting products recently, read on for the details.

Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers range was launched in 2019 and has grown bigger and bigger with new products being released sometimes weekly!

The range started off with tins of jackfruit, shroomdogs, burgers and a couple of ready meals and has absolutely come leaps and bounds as they now stock items such as No Prawn Toast (£2.25 for 123g), Vegan Steaks (2 for £3), Spicy No Meat Pizza (£3) and No Chicken Samosas (4 for £2.25)!!

Here are 5 products we think you’ll love:

1. Brioche Style Burger Buns

These buns are baked with golden linseeds and are perfect for a burger or breakfast bap, or if you’re feeling really experimental, we created a sausage and mash bap that you can see and maybe try for yourself here.

These buns cost £1.25 for 2 (on offer at the moment for £1).

2. Plant Pioneers No Chicken Buffalo Wings

How great do these wings look and sound?! Perfect to have with a salad and some slaw perhaps?

The website description reads: ‘Coated and fried pieces made from wheat gluten, mushroom, coconut milk and natural flavourings with a sachet of buffalo sauce.’

These packs cost £3 and contain 2 servings.

3. Plant Pioneers No Chuna

The No Chuna comes in 110g cans, is soy based and comes in 4 different flavours which are:

  • Chilli & Garlic
  • Lemon & Black Pepper
  • Vegan Mayo
  • With A Brine Dressing

They cost £1 each.

4. Plant Pioneers No Salmon Fillets

Description by Sainsburys is: ‘2 Vegan slices of young jackfruit, king oyster mushroom and seaweed’

The slices cost £4 for 2 (240g) and would be perfect to serve simply with some greens and buttered new potatoes we think! What do you think?

4. Plant Pioneers Chocolate Cake

Perfect for a simple celebration or just as a treat, this cake costs £3.50 for 390g.

This cake looks really yummy, but would you serve it by itself or with some dairy-free cream or ice cream? Let us know how you would serve this!

We always love seeing new vegan products coming to UK supermarket shelves, but what is missing? What products do we need so that veganism can be successful for everyone?

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk