November 12, 2021

Looking for some more inspiring vegans to follow? These Indigenous creators on Instagram are sharing how they practice their cultural traditions while refusing to support industries that exploit animals. For many Native Americans, going vegan is a revolutionary act against the injustice of speciesism. Animal agriculture is also massively damaging to the land, a concern of many land defenders.

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Indigenous activist Jen Rivera Bell loves to make traditional dishes the vegan way. In addition to delicious vegan eats, she often shares homeschooling tips and pics of her rescued companion pig, Petunia.


Ash is a Métis Anishinaabe who advocates for animal rights and frequently posts about fitness, nutrition, and mental health. Follow her for delicious vegan recipe reels (like this one for Vegan Lobster with Garlic Butter 🤤), workout inspiration, and healthy-living tips.


Yvette of @vegan_abolitionniste encourages her followers to include animals in their activism, because inequality in all of its forms should never be tolerated—including speciesism.


Elena Estér is an inspiring actor, dancer, and Indigenous Quechua. Her feed is full of photos from her travels alongside reels of dancing and Instagram stories featuring delicious vegan dishes.


Plenty of inspiring captions and cute cat photos fill up Matt’s feed.


This vegan Indigenous artist makes gorgeous beadwork, including necklaces, earrings, and key chains.


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