November 23, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Thanksgiving is this Thursday in the US. And for vegans and turkeys alike, it can be a difficult time for obvious reasons.

Vegans across the country will be flying the flag for our feathered friends, starting debates at the dinner table with stubborn family members.

Jokes aside, it’s a vital time to be with our loved ones and share what we’re thankful for. And at PBN, we are ever thankful for our glorious community.

Bringing jokes to the forefront, here are our top vegan memes to make you feel less alone this holiday.

1. Turkeys, we got you.

2. *Pours another glass*

3. But meat is murder, Mom…

4. It pays off after all

5. If you ‘love’ animals, why don’t you prove it?

6. Stand your ground

Happy Thanksgiving!