October 12, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Aldi has done it again, the supermarket has launched its Ultimate No Beef Burger in the UK for just £1.99!

The new premium Plant Menu Burger is 60% cheaper than its rival Beyond Meat and available in stores now.

Moreover, Aldi’s Ultimate No Beef Burgers and made from pea protein and perfect for a weeknight vegan dirty burger.

Aldi’s ultimate vegan burger

Following a recent study that found 13 million Brits are expected to follow a plant-based diet by the end of the year, Aldi has gone above and beyond to provide accessible and delicious vegan alternatives.

Aldi’s Ultimate No Beef Burgers are set to convert even the biggest meat fans.

Fans of Beyond Meat‘s pricey patties can tuck into a delicious vegan dirty burger from Aldi while saving £3.01.

Not only does this allow shoppers to enjoy a bargain, but it also gives people the opportunity to enjoy plant-based alternatives without paying a pretty penny.

Aldi trialled its ultimate vegan burger with vegan food bloggers to see if is the taste matched its rival vegan burger.

One blogger reported that 67% of their followers believed Aldi’s vegan burger to be animal-based.

Whilst another said: “[I] Was very impressed overall, the burger was nice and juicy.”

Aldi’s vegan range

To complete Aldi’s ultimate vegan burger at home, the supermarket recommends serving in its delicious Vegan Brioche Bun (£1.05 for 4), topped with Little Gem Lettuce (63p), The Deli Pickled Gherkins (75p) and smothered in Vegan Mayo (99p).

The budget supermarket has a special place in many vegan hearts for its inspiring and affordable Plant Menu range.

Renowned for recreating iconic meat alternatives, such as Nando’s, KFC and Subway, for shoppers to take home.

Additionally, Aldi has even launched a vegan skincare range and vegan trainers.

It’s no wonder the supermarket was awarded “Grocer of the Year” by PETA.

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Source: Veganfoodandliving.com