December 14, 2021

“Think shearing sheep for wool is just like a haircut? As if!” That’s the message from actor Alicia Silverstone to any holiday shoppers still clueless about the wool industry’s cruelty to sheep, detailed in a new radio campaign for PETA. Alicia is an advocate for animals who fills her closet with pieces that are good for animals and the planet. That’s why she’s joined us in our push for a #WoolFreeWinter.

Why #WoolFreeWinter?

Buying wool supports torturing and killing sheep, gentle individuals who simply want to live without enduring pain and fear. In the wool industry, sheep are treated like machines. When you buy vegan clothing, you’re helping to build a better future for sheep and all other animals.

There are so many great vegan options to wear instead of wool. Check out some of the wool-free sweaters Alicia Silverstone would love, which feature sustainable materials like sustainable materials like organic cotton, viscose, and recycled polyesters.

How PETA Is Pushing for a #WoolFreeWinter

PETA and other PETA entities have investigated 117 wool-industry operations around the world, and we’re still revealing the same sorts of abuse. In the major wool-producing regions of Australia and the U.S., PETA U.S. investigations have revealed that workers punched terrified sheep in the face, mutilated them with sharp metal clippers, and even beat them in the face with electric clippers and a hammer. Every wool coat, blanket, and accessory caused a tremendous amount of suffering—and it’s easy not to support that abuse.

What You Can Do for #WoolFreeWinter

It’s time for companies like the Urban Outfitters brands—which include Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People—to stop propping up violent industries. Join us in spreading the word about #WoolFreeWinter.

  • Contact us for literature and other materials so that you can organize a #WoolFreeWinter demonstration at a wool-selling retailer, such as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, or Free People.

Order Protest Materials

  • Write letters to your local newspaper or your favorite fashion magazines to expose the cruelty behind wool.
  • Call on Urban Outfitters brands to change now:

Urge Urban Outfitters Brands to Ditch Wool