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allplants Reveals Festive Menu, Including Mushroom and ‘Pancetta’ Pie & Chocolate Peanut Fondant

November 15, 2021
From Vegconomist

allplants Reveals Festive Menu, Including Mushroom and ‘Pancetta’ Pie & Chocolate Peanut Fondant – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 15, 2021


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    The UK’s leading vegan meal delivery service has revealed its festive menu for 2021. Designed by chefs, it features a range of two-course meals with sides, all of which can be ready to eat in 45 minutes.

    New to the main course menu is the Mushroom and ‘Pancetta’ Filo Pie, which is filled with lentils, mushrooms, and vegan pancetta bacon. Another option is the Cranberry and Walnut Loaf, made from a blend of mushrooms, walnuts, barley, herbs, and dried cranberries and topped with a balsamic onion glaze.

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    Customers can choose from several festive-themed side dishes — Spiced Red Cabbage, Crispy Roast Potatoes, Rosemary Roasted Veggies, Truffle Cauliflower Cheese, Glazed Sprouts With “Bacon”, Celeriac + Parsnip Gratin, and Maple + Thyme Roots.

    Finally, there are three desserts available — Golden Apple Crumble with a nutty topping, Sticky Banoffee Pudding with pecans and date caramel, and Chocolate Peanut Fondant with peanut caramel and roasted peanuts.

    The new menu additions bring the total number of dishes available on allplants to over 100. The festive meals are available to order now.

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    International expansion

    Last month, allplants secured $52 million in funding in the for a European plant-based company. The brand has previously said it is planning to , starting with Europe and North America, and the new funding will help to make this possible.

    One of allplants’ key strengths is that it appeals to non-vegans, who make up over two-thirds of its customer base. In a launched earlier this year, the company tells its customers, “We’re allplants. You don’t have to be”.

    “Food choices are deeply personal, so quality and taste will always come first for us – it’s the driver of everything we do, and what makes it so easy for our customers to include more plants in their diets without the compromise,” said co-founder and CEO Jonathan Petrides. “We can now imagine, create and serve up many more delicious recipes and products, to ultimately accelerate the transformative impact that plant-based living will have on the future of our planet.”

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