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Alt Seafood Producer Novish to Make US Debut at Natural Products Expo East

September 9, 2021
From Vegconomist

Alt Seafood Producer Novish to Make US Debut at Natural Products Expo East – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • September 9, 2021


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    Top-selling European plant-based seafood company announces it will be making its US debut this month at . The event takes place this  September 23-25.

    The Netherlands brand into seafood restaurant chain NORDSEE which operates throughout Europe, and last May with Misty Mountain Trade & Consulting Inc. for distribution of its vegan fish burgers and sticks across Canada.

    Novish’s product portfolio includes fishless sticks, bites, burgers, chunks, fillets and tuna. The products are free from soy, eggs, milk, nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish, as well as palm-oil and artificial additives like flavor enhancers, colorings and preservatives.

    Novish - Burgers

    “We’re excited to bring European-quality products with a winning combination of taste, texture and affordability that will be appealing to the U.S. market,” says , who previously heading major meat and seafood companies. In just over a year, the brand is now available in 15 countries including Israel, Hong Kong and Canada.

    “After extensive R&D, we’ve developed a product line that people—from foodies to top chefs—regard as indistinguishable from ‘the real-thing’,” adds van der Meer.

    The company has also recently signed a contract with leading U.K. online retailer Ocado for its plant-based fingers and burgers.


    Distributors, investors and the press will be able to evaluate Novish’s offerings first-hand at Expo East from September 23-25 in the Natural and Specialty category of the trade show floor, Thursday and Friday: 10am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-4pm EDT.

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