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Amazon India Promotes Plant-Based Meat by Offering Huge 96% Discount

October 28, 2021
From Vegconomist

Amazon India Promotes Plant-Based Meat by Offering Huge 96% Discount – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • October 28, 2021


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    After conducting almost a year of research into the plant-based meat category, is working with the to introduce and promote alt-meat in the country.

    In July, the two organisations held a workshop on the smart protein sector, discussing factors such as opportunities and potential within the Indian market, marketing activities and promotions, and updated research data. The meeting was attended by Amazon’s entire fresh food retail team, as well as category managers from Amazon Food and other new initiatives.

    The outcome of the workshop was a planned strategy for testing the plant-based category in the Indian market. Now, Amazon has started the experiment by offering made by Indian company Blue Tribe Foods. To begin with, they will only be available via Amazon Fresh in Mumbai.

    Blue Tribe’s products are initially being sold at huge discounts of 96% and 97% respectively, priced at Rs. 11 rather than the usual recommended retail prices of Rs. 295 and Rs. 325. The aim is to tempt consumers who may not otherwise try plant-based meat. Amazon India says it is important to offer alt-meat products at economical prices to make them a low-risk purchase for new consumers.

    Rajesh Kumar Prasad – Category Leader, Amazon India © Amazon India

    As plant-based eating begins to grow in popularity in India, huge numbers of new vegan products are being launched — everything from and to and . GFI India continues to drive change, last year for research and business promotion aimed at advancing India’s alt-protein market.

    The alternative food category has multiple strategic possibilities and the benefits it has will make it very popular with a younger demographic market like India,” said Mr. Rajesh K Prasad, Category Leader at Amazon Retail India.

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