October 12, 2021
From Plant-Based News

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Actor Ashton Kutcher has placed his support behind a cultured meat company called MeaTech 3D. 

Kutcher invested in MeaTech through his venture capital fund Sound Ventures, of which Guy Oseary (who managed Madonna and U2) is also a part of.

Sustainable meat production

Sound Ventures aims to drive the ‘next generation of clean, circular, and sustainable businesses’, according to its website. 

This aligns with MeaTech’s vision, which is to provide a more sustainable solution to the world’s growing demand for meat. To do this, the Israel-based company is developing an industrial cultured meat production process with integrated 3D printing. 

The method allows for the production of real meat without resource-intensive animal farming practices, and without slaughtering animals. 

Kutcher said in a statement: “We are excited about MeaTech’s innovative technologies, which we believe position MeaTech to be the leader in industrial-scale production of cultured meat, a key for more sustainable and clean meat production. 

“We intend to work closely with MeaTech’s management to help MeaTech implement its strategy and achieve its goals and global success by leveraging our marketing, strategic expertise and network.”

Kutcher joins the growing list of high-profile names investing in meat alternatives. Last month, fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio invested in two cultured meat start-ups. 

The future of food

MeaTech has its sights set on cultured chicken, pork, and beef steak. 

Further, the company recently acquired Belgian start-up Peace of Meat, which develops cultured foie gras. It’s also working on cultured chicken, duck, and goose fats. 

The cultured fats are intended to be used as taste-enhancing ingredients for plant-based meats. In 2020, Peace of Meat said most (68 percent) of plant-based meat producers said they would be likely or very likely to use cultured animal fat in their products.

Source: Plantbasednews.org