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Australia: WOA Brand Dirty Clean Food to Launch OatUP Milk in Woolworths

November 23, 2021
From Vegconomist

Australia: WOA Brand Dirty Clean Food to Launch OatUP Milk in Woolworths – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 23, 2021


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    Australia’s just announced a distribution agreement with for Dirty Clean Food’s oat milk . Dirty Clean Food is the food brand of Wide Open Agriculture and is known for producing animal meat through Regenerative Agriculture.

    Woolworths appears an ideal partner for the distribution of new plant-based brands in Australia, continually expanding its vegan range over the past two years. The retailer now stocks products such as OmniFoods’ , Deliciou’s , Veganz’ , and Fable Foods’ . The chain has also been considerably increasing its range of vegan meats and cheeses, and recently invested in plant-based brand .

    OatUp lifestyle
    OatUp, © Dirty Clean Foods

    Wide Open Agriculture expects the agreement to generate sales of more than $750,000 per annum for Dirty Clean Food, as the agreement includes national distribution, making OatUP available for purchase in approximately half of Woolworths stores in Australia. The agreement further includes the opportunity for Dirty Clean Food to market its brand and to communicate the practices used by its oat suppliers directly to Woolworths customers.

    Dirty Clean Food’s OatUP is currently available in 350+ outlets across Australia and expects continued expansion of its distribution in Australia and Asia over the next six months, as the company received and shipped multiple orders from its Singapore distributor GrowHub, with market testing and tasting continuing in additional markets in Asia.

    OatUp with coffee cup
    OatUp, © Dirty Clean Foods

    Additionally, Dirty Clean Food is on track to get its high protein oat milk using ready to market. According to the company, its high protein oat milk will be highly differentiated in the market, as low protein levels in the existing oat milk category represent the most significant nutritional drawback when compared to dairy milk.

    “We are now on track for distribution in over 1,000 locations by the end of this fiscal year, which we see as an incredibly positive response for a new product launched less than 12 months ago. We are excited at the opportunity to harness our growing distribution network for Dirty Clean Food’s expanding product lines,” said Jay Albany, CEO of Dirty Clean Food. “Our brand is driven by taste, quality and unmatched environmental credentials – attributes that consumers everywhere can appreciate.”

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