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Vegan Egg Brand “JUST” Arrives In 1000+ Canadian Stores

The vegan egg company has finally made its way into Canadian retail stores. It’s an exciting time for vegans or plant based individuals in Canada this week. JUST Egg, a vegan egg substitute that has been very popular and successful in the U.S. for quite some time now, has finally launched in a bunch of different Canadian stores. So far it’s only…

Leonardo DiCaprio Urges 37 Million Fans To Cut Down On Meat

The actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is fighting climate change by telling his massive social media fanbase to cut down on meat. Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in Beyond Meat Leonardo DiCaprio who is invested in Beyond Meat said in a social media post to 19.5 million Twitter and 18 million Facebook followers to “reduce their meat consumption…

First Vegan Hospital Serves Vegan Food Only After Abolishing Animal Products

At the world’s first vegan hospital, no one will ever be served any animal products which are the foods that very well may have contributed to a patients health problems in the first place. First Vegan Hospital In The World Hayek Hospital located in Beirut, Lebanon released a statement on March 1st, 2021 on their multiple social media pages announcing…

Netflix Documentary: Seaspiracy Trailer Just Launched

New Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy Uncovers Disastrous Impact of Fishing

The creator of Cowspiracy is exposing the dark secrets of the fishing industry in the new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. © Netflix The New Netflix Documentary Seaspiracy was made by Kip Anderson and assistant directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi. Kip is the creator of past films “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health” which are two documentaries that…

Jada Pinkett Smith Launches Vegan Beauty Brand alongside Willow, Jaden and Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith Launches “Hey Humans” and is the co-founder and creative director of the new vegan company. Photo: Design: Cierra Miller/Stylecaster Jada Pinkett Smith has launched her new company named “Hey Humans” which is a collaboration with Maesa, a beauty company for “meaningful” brands…

Jason Momoa’s Vegan Shoes Made From Algae Just Launched

Jason Momoa’s new limited-edition vegan shoes are part of the So iLL x On the Roam collection. Jason Momoa’s Vegan Shoes are limited edition and made from sustainable sources Jason Momoa’s Vegan Shoes The So iLL x On the Roam collection launched in 2019. Jason Momoa, in collaboration with So iLL, have released two new limited edition vegan shoes…

Beyond Meat Partners with McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & KFC

Beyond Meat partners with McDonald’s & Yum! Brands with plans to expand their vegan products to a lot more global fast-food restaurants. © Beyond Meat The growing plant-based meat company Beyond Meat just signed a new deal with some of the biggest fast-food companies in the U.S. which marks an important step for Beyond Meat in the growing shift to…

Kim Kardashian says “Plant Based Does a Body Good” to 205 Million Fans

The reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been promoting her ‘plant-based life’ on Instagram ever since she decided the lifestyle change. © Kim Kardashian “Plant-based does a body good,” is what Kim Kardashian captioned some of her latest photos with while garnering thousands of positive responses including comments “damn” and “hello plant…

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