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Dame Joanna Lumley faces pushback from angry farmers after warning of ‘animal cruelty’

Greta Thunberg to publish a ‘go-to source’ climate book telling ‘the unvarnished truth’

Paul McCartney urges Starbucks to ditch the vegan milk surcharge for ‘the future of the planet and animal welfare’

Post-Brexit Australia trade deal means UK farmers must compete with ‘cruel and unsustainable’ farming practices

Chelsea footballer Ben Chilwell filmed getting his cheap thrills from animal exploitation

These UK supermarkets are ‘bombarding’ shoppers with cheap meat despite climate pledges

Ellie Goulding named WWF ambassador: ‘I want to speak up for our extraordinary planet’

Undercover trapping footage shows raccoons brutally clubbed for fur sold in UK

Teens say climate change is ‘fake news’ and ‘we don’t care’ in new campaign

Dragon’s Den Legend Deborah Meaden ready to ‘throw money’ for vegan Stilton

Cadbury to go vegan in new London pop-up

Cheltenham festival death toll rises to three, calls renewed to ban ‘the horror show’

Galaxy to finally launch a vegan white chocolate, says Insider

Council dismisses Jeremy Clarkson opposition against vegan menus

Man given genetically modified pig heart dies after two months

Ex SeaWorld orca trainer urges Brits to ‘think twice before paying to see marine animals performing tricks’

First-ever 100% vegan cooking competition coming to US mainstream TV

Nearly half of Brits can’t think of ditching meat to live more sustainably

Starbucks rival goes vegan, launches plant-based spring menu

Scarlett Johansson debuts vegan skincare line while BeckyG launches her vegan brand in Ulta

Demonstrators block busy junction in central London to kick off protests ‘targeting root cause of climate crisis’

[unable to retrieve full-text content]“If [politicians] are in any way serious about tackling this existential crisis then they would immediately stop financing fossil fuels because continuing to pour petrol on a fire is an obvious sign of insanity.” Yesterday, Extinction Rebellion campaigners held a protest at one of Covent Garden’s busiest junctions…

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