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Cancelled: That Vegan Teacher Is A Racist Piece Of Garbage

Spread the love That Vegan Teacher AKA Kadie Karen Aka Kadie Karen Diekmeyer (real name) has been straight out problematic, ablest, and a straight-up racist in the vegan community for years. We all avoided her and let her live her cringe existence in her own little world and that was fine until she ventured to Tik Tok where she made the vegan animal…

Cancelled: James Aspey Cons His Followers

Spread the love I’ve been trying to decide exactly where to begin with this article and after weeks of following the developing story, interviewing others, and gathering screenshots I can honestly say with massive disappointment that James Aspey is participating in a pyramid scheme/scam that is harming many of his trusting followers. Not only that…

Blue Whales Coming Back From Near Extinction

Spread the love Over 100 years ago humanity hunted the largest known animal to ever exist to the brink of extinction. The good news a century later in 2020 is that the blue whale to the frigid waters off of the island of South Georgia close to Antarctica. Industrial whaling reduced the whale’s population from an estimated 350,000 or more down to just…

Subway Launching Vegan Chicken Sandwich And Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Spread the love Subway is launching a new vegan “chicken” sandwich on their menu just in time for Veganuary 2021. An insider from the Instagram account Vegan Food UK who is well known for getting the first scoop on vegan food news posted about the new menu item just a few days ago and just hours ago they’ve also posted a sneak peek of the new…

WWE Ryback Reeves Goes Vegan For The Animals And Gets Ripped

Spread the love Ryback Reeves a former WWE wrestling star has been showing off his muscular physique across social media over the last two months or so. According to reports he in now about 12 weeks into a plant-based vegan diet and feeling the best he ever has. At his seven week mark he showed off his shredded results on twitter. Sharing a photo of…

YouTube’s Fake Animal Rescue Problem

Spread the love There is nothing more despicable and angering than animal abuse. What Vegan News has discovered is both shocking and heartbreaking.  People are staging dangerous, deadly and abusive situations in fake animal rescue videos on youtube all in an effort to earn thousands of dollars for the views. This topic surfaced during my research over…

Animal Save Movement Responds To Charges Brought Against Murderer Of Regan Russell

Spread the love Animal Save Movement today condemned the Halton Regional Police Service for bringing charges of “Careless Driving Causing Death” against the driver of a pig transport truck in the June 19 death of Regan Russell. Russell was attending a special Toronto Pig Save vigil to protest Ontario’s passage of the unconstitutional “ag-gag”…

Kevin Smith Brings Vegan Mooby Meals Nationwide

Spread the love Mooby’s is now a reality! From the silver screen, it has leaped from a Los Angeles pop-up restaurant to your own kitchen. Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) is seen posing in character showing off the vegan Mooby’s creations that look absolutely delicious. Director Kevin Smith in character as Silent Bob eyes up a Mooby’s burger. While the…

Vegan “Netflix” VegMovies Has Arrived

Spread the love The vegan version of “Netflix” has arrived! VegMovies is a database of over 200 movies that are in some way related to veganism or animal rights. Web design company Veg Groups built the VegMovies platform to make vegan and animal rights themed movies easier to discover and access all in one place. Movies with messages about climate…

First Vegan Meat Pasta Sauce Launches From Prego

Spread the love Pasta sauce brand Prego just launched their plant-based vegan meat sauce. The sauce is not only their first vegan meat-based sauce but the first in the United States and possibly the world. The new vegan pasta sauce line is called Prego+ Plant Protein and is a tomato-based sauce that contains a soy-based ground meat with 4 grams of protein…

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