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Where to find vegan breakfast in Las Vegas

Vegan breakfast is probably the hardest of all the meals to find when it comes to dining out. Fortunately, there are a lot of restaurants serving vegan breakfast in Las Vegas. When it comes to breakfast, we’re not talking simply a muffin and coffee — there are plenty of coffee shops in Las Vegas with vegan options. And, we’re not talking about…

East Las Vegas just got a vegan restaurant. Vegan Majjac opens inside Fred’s Tavern

Crossroads Kitchen to open at Resorts World Spring 2022

There’s what in my wine? The gross ingredients in wine no one talks about

February 18th is National Wine Day, and we’re always down for a good glass of wine. However, not just any wine will do. In fact, a lot of wine is not vegan. Did you know that many wineries sneak some pretty gross ingredients into their wine during the fertilization and fining processes of winemaking? What’s lurking in your wine? According to Frances…

The most vegan-friendly Las Vegas hotels

Las Vegas is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the USA. From the ‘burbs to The Strip, vegan options abound thanks in part to the growing number of vegan restaurants and vegan options at non-vegan ones. The Strip restaurants are slower to add actual vegan dishes to their menus, so where are the best Las Vegas hotels with vegan options? If you’re…

7 places to get the best vegan pizza in NYC

Black-owned Vegan Restaurants, Ghost Kitchens, Meal Prep and Pop-Ups in Las Vegas

Valencian Gold

Tamearra Dyson just became the first vegan chef to take home to title and beat Bobby Flay

Souley Vegan may have started with whatever few dollars founder Chef Tamearra Dyson had in her bank account. But, the Creole vegan brand took off. Dyson, a single mom who was one pre-requirement away from nursing school took a chance and opened in 2009. She had zero restaurant industry experience, but it didn’t stop her. PHOTO: FOOD NETWORK. Contender…

Now you can get veganized Red Lobster cheddar biscuit mix nationwide

Vegan Boil Shack opens in Las Vegas

All the Girl Scout Cookies that are vegan 2022

7 easy steps to go vegan for Veganuary

Another Veganuary is underway. The annual international challenge to go vegan for a month kicked off on New Year’s Day with predictions of a whopping 2 million signing up. People go vegan for many reasons — for the animals, for their health, or for the environment. For many, the idea of going vegan seems challenging or plagued with misconceptions…

Life of a food writer: the 19 best vegan dishes I ate in 2021

I eat out. A lot. It’s literally my job to eat. Even in the middle of the pandemic, I was getting food to-go or for delivery (if you’re in Las Vegas, make sure you’re ordering delivery via the local LoCo app). While my cooking chops – or lack thereof – have suffered because it’s my business to eat food other people make, I also get to eat…

Vegan Dining Month 2022 Portland Guide

Welcome to the second Portland Vegan Dining Month presented by Vegans, Baby and Portland Vegans and sponsored by Pleese Foods. Taking place the month of January 2022, participating restaurants in Portland (and the region) are offering special vegan dishes or menus for the month.  A portion of the proceeds from every Vegan Dining Month dish sold benefits…

Las Vegas Vegan Dining Month kicks off with free event at Plant Power Fast Food

5 dishes to try at Plant Power Fast Food

7 new plant-based food products that will revolutionize the food industry

Get your copy of the Las Vegas Vegan Dining Guide 2022

The ultimate vegan cheese guide

There are more than 50 vegan cheese brands on the market right now, which is quite a jump from when Daiya was the only player in town. With artisan vegan cheese, as well as blocks, shreds, wedges, dips and spreads, finding the right vegan cheese for you can be a lot. If you have certain allergies, getting the right vegan cheese for you can be even more…

5 dishes to order at HipCityVeg

Where to get vegan Thanksgiving in Las Vegas 2021

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving! If you want to have a vegan Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, you’re covered. Here’s a running list of vegan Thanksgiving options in Las Vegas available for dine-in and take-away/meal prep. Violette’s Vegan Whether you want to dine-in or pick-up a feast to re-heat at home, Violette’s Vegan has you covered. If you’re…

Meatless Monday at Essex Market announces November schedule

Vegan Dish of the Day: aglio e olio from La Strega in Las Vegas

The first vegan culinary school in Las Vegas set to open Nov. 6

7 vegan dishes in Las Vegas every non-vegan should try in honor of World Vegan Day

5 vegan dishes in New York City every non-vegan should try immediately

New York City is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to vegan dining. From little pop-ups to high-end restaurants like the plant-based Eleven Madison Park, finding vegan food in NYC is easy. But, what about finding vegan food to show off to your non-vegan friends? Also easy. However, we’re here to make it even easer for you. In honor…

The Venetian Las Vegas adds more than 50 vegan dishes to celebrate World Vegan Month

5 dishes you must try at Cadence in the East Village

Everything that’s vegan at The Cheesecake Factory

Vegan-friendly Yukon Pizza to open its own shop in Las Vegas

The first Plant Power vegan restaurant in Las Vegas set to open Oct. 15

Vegans, Baby partners with Essex Market Vendors Association to launch Meatless Mondays

Las Vegas ranks in top 20 cities for vegan and vegetarian dining

5 restaurants to get the best vegan chicken sandwiches in Las Vegas

5 dishes to try at the all-vegan restaurant Savage Sicko in Astoria

Vegan dining guide to Life is Beautiful 2021

Life is Beautiful is back! The 2021 three-day music/arts/food/comedy festival takes place Sept. 17 – 19, 2021 in Downtown Las Vegas. We’re stoked because Vegans, Baby’s founder, Diana Edelman, has been asked to curate The all-vegan Farm Stand for the second year.This year, The Farm Stand features 12 different restaurants and chefs, four each day. The…

Vegan World Tours 2022 tours coming soon

Tacotarian opens third location in Las Vegas Valley

Zazzy’s Pizza

Whipped Urban Dessert Lab

Your guide to vegan dining at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Philly’s HipCityVeg coming to New York City

Vegan guide to Essex Market

Essex Market is one of the oldest markets in New York City. With around a century under its belt, the market relocated in 2019 across Delancey to a new building. Now, Essex Market and Market Line make up the market space. This is your guide to finding vegan options at Essex Market. @thedianaedelman All the vegan eats at Essex Market. What are you trying…

5 dishes you must try at PLANTA Queen in NYC

Bronze Cafe out, Miss Mylk and Heirloom in at The Juice Box

As of tomorrow, the all-vegan Miss Mylk and it’s non-vegan counterpart, HEIRLOOM, replace The Bronze Cafe inside The Juice Box. Miss Mylk, which launched earlier this year as a health conscious meal prep service in Las Vegas sets up shop at the popular Southwest juice shop. “The opportunity popped. up at the right time with the right people,”…

Riverdel Vegan Cheese Shop


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