December 24, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Cheese Company, The Bell Group, have announced a vegan version of the Mini Babybel wheels.

Babybel has announced a new plant-based version of their mini cheese wheels. They will be sold in Sainsbury’s from this week.

The babybel was first invented in France in 1952 to change the cheese-eating habits with the exciting red wax coating. This will be the first mini vegan cheeses with this wax coating.

The Bel group brand own companies; Babybel, The laughing cow, Boursin, the vegan cheese brand Nourishh and others. Nourishh was launched in 2020 with the vegan Camembert, and there have also been rumours of a vegan alternative to the laughing cow cheese.

Vegan Babybel

Last year Bel Group’s Executive Vice President Cécile Béliot told Food Dive, ‘For the past year, we have been accelerating the [Bel] Group’s transformation.’

‘…with the conviction that a responsible and profitable growth is possible: an enlightened ‘capitalism’ that is moving from a logic of balance of power to a logic of value sharing, beyond any major stakes.’

Will you be looking out for the vegan Babybel?