July 11, 2023

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Birds are reportedly becoming trapped behind bird-deterrent spikes that have been installed at the Connecticut Post Mall, specifically in the awning above the Buffalo Wild Wings. According to sources there, a live bird is currently trapped, desperately trying in vain to escape. Reportedly, several deceased birds are visible as well. They must have flown over the normally humane bird deterrent but been unable to figure their way out and likely suffered horribly as they slowly succumbed to starvation or dehydration.

Photographs taken on July 11 depict one of the deceased birds as well as the area where they are becoming trapped.

Sadly, mall management appears to be ignoring the urgency of this situation and has yet to devise a plan to extract the surviving bird or prevent others from suffering the same fate as the deceased, stating that they “don’t do ladders.” However, someone clearly had to be elevated in order to install the bird spikes in the first place, so this excuse doesn’t hold weight.

Please politely urge mall management to intervene immediately!

Connecticut Post Mall Management Office

Source: Peta.org