October 29, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Blueberry Polenta Cake

This vegan blueberry polenta cake is heavenly with a cup of tea. The grated apple makes this gluten-free vegan cake recipe moist and so moreish it will become a firm favourite.

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The combination of blueberry and apple are insanely delicious together, and the polenta gives this gluten-free vegan cake the wonderful texture that polenta brings when baked.

Polenta is ground corn and a magnificent alternative to flour, especially for those on a gluten-free diet. Polenta originates from Northern Italy and is used in savoury or sweet dishes.

Cook’s Tip!

Our polenta cake recipe uses rapeseed oil, and it’s best to choose an oil that is light in flavour so as not to compromise the flavours of the cake.

If you want to use another fruit instead of blueberries, you could substitute the blueberries for blackberries or raspberries. It would be best to keep the grated apple in this cake recipe as it does add to the moistness of the cake.

A moist cake makes for a winning cake recipe in our books, and our gluten-free, vegan blueberry polenta cake is exceptional.

Source: Veganfoodandliving.com