February 5, 2023
From Responsible Eating And Living

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Here we are, already one month into 2023. As promised in our last newsletter we have officially launched our newest podcast, Parlons Peu, Parlons Bien, Parlons Vegan. Yes, it is in French! My cohost, Céline Frey (in France) and I (in the U.S.) will be discussing the many challenges one faces when going vegan. In the first episode, Céline and I share our individual stories on why we went vegan.

The podcast can be viewed on YouTube. You should be able to select subtitles in French or in English by selecting the CC and SETTINGS icons below the screen.

This new podcast can be heard wherever you get your podcast, such as Apple/Itunes and Stitcher.

Even if you don’t speak French, we hope you will take a look and subscribe to our channel to give us a little boost as we get started with this new show.

Meanwhile, REAL continues with its original podcast, It’s All About Food. This month we have produced four podcasts:

Hartglass & De Mattei, Kimchi, ChickP, Veganuary 2023
It's All About Food vegan podcastWe began 2023 continuing our conversation about food on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD. We reminded people that whether nursing a hangover from too much partying, or suffering from the flu/COVID/fill-in-the-blank, or preparing sand bags for a flood or other human-induced weather-related disaster, or perhaps sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of tea, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO VEGAN. We can all learn to solve many of the world’s problems and do it deliciously. That’s what this podcast is all about.

Rebecca Cappelli, SLAY
REBECCA CAPPELLI SLAYWho loves LEATHER? WOOL? FUR? What comes to mind when you think about these materials? Luxury? Quality? How about profound destruction to the environment, toxic and dangerous jobs for people, and cruelty to animals? Does luxury and quality have to include environmental degradation and cruelty to people and animals? Is this who we are? Listen and learn as I did, in my interview with Rebecca Cappelli. And watch the film, SLAY. It’s free when you sign up at Waterbear.com.

Kim and Nelson Campbell, Plant Pure Comfort Food and From Food to Freedom
Kim and Nelson CampbellWhat’s freedom worth to you? What’s quality of life worth? Feeling good in your skin, free of aches and pains, normal blood pressure, no medications? The whole food plant diet plays a big part and it’s delicious! I spoke with Kim Campbell about her newest cookbook Plant Pure Comfort Food and with Nelson Campbell about his latest film From Food to Freedom where six people achieve tremendous healing in ten days with the PlantPure lifestyle.

Jonathan Leighton, The Tango of Ethics, Intuition, Rationality, and the Prevention of Suffering
Jonathan Leighton The Tango of EthicsI spoke with Jonathan Leighton, ethics strategist and social change advocate who has come out with a new book The Tango of Ethics, Intuition, Rationality, and the Prevention of Suffering. I was surprised to learn things in this book, discovering new ways of looking at things, especially when it comes to compassionate ethics to societal decision-making. And that’s a good thing for all life on Earth. I hope you will take the time to listen.

I will end this message on a sweet note. I recently created an Almond Ricotta Filling for our Vegan Gluten-Free Baked Cannoli Shell. You might want to try this for Valentine’s Day.
Almond Ricotta Cannoli Filling

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