September 14, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

A new range of chilled vegan ready meals from BOSH! has landed in Morrisons.

The 6 ready meals, including Shepherd’s pie and Chilli non Carne, will be available from 13th September at a recommended retail price of £4 each.

BOSH! have said that the “zero-prep” meals make it “easier than ever to eat greener”.

The meals are made using recipes from the Bosh! books. They’re packed with veggies and contain “no nasty bits”.

Some products in the range are also made without gluten, however “may contain” warnings are in place.

The new vegan ready meals from BOSH! will launch exclusively into 77 Morrisons stores but are expected to roll out to all stores next year.

The meals have been created in collaboration with ready meal specialists Oscar Mayer.

Donna Worsley, Head of brands for Oscar Mayer, stated that shoppers were “increasingly turning to vegan options in their everyday shopping”

She added that a “post-pandemic public interest in wellness and a collective environmental awakening” meant consumers were adopting “more mindful behaviours”.

The products will join the existing BOSH! range in Morrisons including cake and brownie mixes, nutritional yeast, and a celebration cake.

What’s in the BOSH! vegan ready meal range?

The new vegan ready meals range from BOSH! is packed with flavoursome meals to please every palate.

  • Smokin’ Spag Bol
  • Crackin’ Jalfrezi Curry & Rice
  • Smashin’ Shepherd’s Pie
  • Game-changing Lasagne
  • Mighty Mac n’ Greens
  • Ultimate Chilli non Carne & Rice

Vegan ready meals

Vegan ready meals are on the rise in the UK, with most supermarkets carrying their own range of convenient plant-based meals.

Encouragingly, a recent study has also found that many vegan ready meals are actually becoming cheaper than their meat-based counterparts.

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