October 27, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Boursin has finally launched into the non-dairy cheese category for the first time in the UK

Launching at Sainsbury’s, the new Boursin Dairy-free will come in their classic Garlic & Herbs flavour.

The new product’s packaging includes a recyclable cup and lid and is easy to use, open and reclose, making it ideal for entertaining and snacking occasions

“Boursin Plant-Based delivers the delicious Boursin-inspired taste consumers know and love, without compromising on indulgence and delicious flavour,” Boursin senior brand manager Célina Leroyer claimed.

IMG: Boursin

Vegan Food UK posted about the new cheeze today and one person says: ‘Omg I was obsessed with this when I ate dairy, cant wait!!!’

While another says: Died and gone to soft cheese heaven ! ❤️’

IMG: Boursin

Boursin’s parent company the Bel Group is also working to develop plant-based products under each of its core brands, including mini Babybel cheese which we are hoping will come to UK supermarkets in 2022.

IMG: blogspot.com

Owners of Babybel and Boursin, Bel UK, also launched new vegan cheese brand Nurishh December 2020 when the company released its vegan camembert at Sainsbury’s. Since then the range of Nurishh products have expanded and you can now buy Nurishh Mozzarella Style Block Cheese Alternative 200g, Nurishh Grated Cheddar & Mozzarella Style Blend Cheese 150g, Nurishh Vegan Cheddar Style Slices Cheese Alternative 200g as well as Nurishh Plant Based Alternative to Camembert 140g.

IMG: https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/SearchResults/nurishh

The above vegan cheeses all cost £2.50, and the Camembert alternative is £3.50 and they can all be bought from Sainsbury’s.

The new Dairy-Free Boursin will launch exclusively in Sainsbury’s in December before rolling out to other retailers nationwide from February 2022

What we really want to know is, what cheese do you want to see being veganized next? Please let us know in Comments

Source: Veganfooduk.co.uk