May 25, 2023
From Euro Group For Animals

The draft EU-Mercosur FTA already has an animal welfare condition for shelled eggs. Unfortunately, this is not the most traded animal product between the regions – these are beef and chicken meat. The  EU-New Zealand FTA, which was agreed most recently,  reserves the preferential tariff for beef products derived from grass-fed animals, hence explicitly excluding feedlots for sustainability related reasons. The time is thus now right to ensure a similar treatment for beef in the EU-Mercosur FTA, but also  to add conditions for other animal products, especially where the trade volume is higher. 

According to a 2016 Eurobarometer, 93% of EU citizens want imported animal products to respect the same welfare standards as those applied in the EU. In Brazil, a survey carried out by Instituto Datafolha, at the request of the Fórum Nacional de Defesa e Proteção Animal, indicated that 88% of Brazilian consumers care about the welfare conditions of animals.