September 17, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Burger King is set to bring V-Label vegan meat to Africa for the first time.

The fast-food chain will introduce its plant-based Whopper, Vegan Royale, and Vegan Nuggets to its South African restaurants.

Europe’s largest vegan programme, V-Label, aims to bring quality plant-based fast-food options to the continent.

Moreover, it is hoped that the launch of vegan alternatives in South Africa will inspire greater interest in plant-based food.

Vegan fast-food in South Africa

Burger King is not the first fast-food chain in South Africa to offer meat-free options, some fast-food chains offer ‘veggie’ burgers.

However, its introduction of V-Label meat alternatives will be the first vegan fast-food option available.

In a statement made to Vegan Food & Living, ProVeg Director Donovan Will shared: “The V-Label symbol is going to increase awareness of veganism, and make it easier for consumers to identify vegan options and trust that they are truly vegan.

“Burger King’s new products are so similar to their existing products that consumers who try them won’t even know the difference.”

According to ProVeg, South Africa has lagged behind in international trends in a few areas, including veganism.

There is an absence of globally recognised vegan alternatives, from both local companies to international brands such as Pizza Hut and Nando’s.

Burger King vegan options

Burger King has become a strong competitor for its vegan options in the fast-food industry.

Since 2020, the chain collaborated with The Vegetarian Butcher to launch the Plant-Based Whopper and the Vegan Royale.

Despite some controversy surrounding the Plant-Based Whopper, the Vegan Royale is officially certified by the Vegan society.

Additionally, earlier this year Burger King announced it will be embarking on a greener future by providing more vegan and veggie meals and serving up less beef.

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Feature image credit: (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)