October 26, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

A veggie-only branch of Burger King has opened in Madrid, Spain for a limited time.

The restaurant, which serves only meat-free menu items, has been rebranded as ‘Vurger King’ and will remain open for a month.

‘Vurger King’ will serve the Plant-based Whopper, vegan chicken-style nuggets, and a ‘Long Vegetal’ – fashioned after the recently launched Vegan Royale chicken-style sandwich.

Similarly to the Vegan Royale in the UK, the Long Vegetal has been developed in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher and uses a soy and wheat-based chicken-style patty.

While vegan guests attending the restaurant won’t have to worry about cross-contamination with meat as they do with the Plant-based Whopper in the UK, they may be disappointed to find that the mayonnaise used is egg-based.

However, the Long Vegetal can be ordered without mayo for a fully vegan option.

Open on Madrid’s popular Paseo el Prado street, the restaurant has been given a ‘green’ makeover with plant-based murals, hanging plants, and quaint picnic-style areas.

Speaking to Entrepreneur Europe about the launch, Borja Hernández de Albam, the general director of Restaurant Brands Iberia Spain and Portugal, said: “We want to reach both people who base their diet on vegetable products and those who do eat meat but want to reduce their consumption.”

Burger King’s global move into meat-free

In response to increasing demand for healthier and more planet-friendly meat-free options, Burger King has been adapting its menus worldwide to include plant-based and meat-free options.

In April this year, the UK saw the launch of the Vegan Society certified Vegan Royale, putting Burger King UK on track to meet its goal of serving a 50% plant-based menu by 2031.

Meanwhile, Burger King in Poland added vegan chicken-style nuggets to its menu.

In May, Burger King Germany announced the opening of a 100% veggie pop-up restaurant in Cologne. The chain added the Veggie King vegetarian burger to its permanent menu shortly after.

In the US Burger King has started testing Impossible Foods’ nuggets in Des Moines, Iowa, Boston and Miami, while veggie burgers have been added to the menu in Mexico.

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Source: Veganfoodandliving.com