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Cauldron Foods Adds Two New Flavoured Tofu Products to Popular Range

April 4, 2022
From Vegconomist

April 4, 2022


UK’s Cauldron Foods has extended its bestselling range with the launch of two new tofu products: Quick & Tasty Smoky BBQ Block and Hoisin Tofu. The new SKUs, developed by Senior Development Chef Stu Henshall, are reportedly made with sustainable soy and come with 100% recyclable packaging.

In January of this year, the company announced it had become fully carbon neutral as part of a £3 million investment and packaging /  branding relaunch, stating at the time that this made Cauldron the first UK meat-free brand to achieve carbon neutrality for its entire range.

Most recently, in March 2022 the company, a subsidiary of Monde Nissin Corp which also owns UK heritage brand Quorn, entered the dairy-free category with the debut of dairy-free Greek Style Cubes

Cauldron_Greek Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs
©Cauldron Foods

Tom Lindley, Cauldron Business Unit Head at Cauldron Foods, states: “As consumers look for sustainable and tasty ingredients when scratch cooking we hope the addition of our Hoisin Tofu and Quick & Tasty Smoky BBQ Block allows our customers to easily delve into even more cuisines and flavour combinations. In our research, we found that 87% of people in the UK now think of the environment when choosing what they eat* so we are incredibly proud to have certified both new products as Carbon Neutral to join our overall range.

“It’s really important that as a leading plant-based food brand, we’re creating innovative and delicious new ranges to help plant-based eating become more and more accessible. These new additions are ready to cook, meaning it’s never been easier to enjoy the delights of a plant-based diet.”

 Quick & Tasty Smoky BBQ Block and Hoisin Tofu are available to buy from Waitrose stores across the UK from 4th April,  Ocado 11th April and Tesco 9th May.

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