September 27, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

Enjoy a taste of Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizzas vegan-style with this vegan deep-dish pizza that’s fully loaded with vegan cheese and chunky tomato sauce.

If you really want to go all out with this vegan deep-dish pizza recipe, you can pile on additional toppings like vegan sausage, peppers and onions.

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“This dish is simple, but it requires a bit of technique to nail. I promise it will be worth it though. If you’re unfamiliar with this American classic, it’s more pie than pizza, and the pride of Chicago for good reason.” – Shannon Martinez 

Chicago is famous for its signature deep-dish pizzas which are a cross between a pizza and a pie.

Because they are cooked in a pan, deep-dish pizzas have a thick crust with a high edge that allows you to pile on the cheese and toppings.

However, because they have a thicker base you will need to cook your vegan deep-dish pizza for a little longer (20-30 minutes) to ensure it’s cooked all the way through.

The dough takes some time to prepare because you need to let it prove to let the yeast release carbon dioxide so the gluten can stretch.

We promise this vegan deep-dish pizza recipe is well worth the time and effort, and making your own vegan pizza dough is a therapeutic activity.