July 1, 2018
From Vegan-News.com
Prep Time : 3 min
Blender: Regular
Good for : Digestion
Kcal : High
Difficulty : Easy
Eats : 2 Persons
Taste : Sweet
Cost : Low

The best thing about this smoothie is it simplicity. You can literary make it in 2 – 3 minutes and the taste is amazing. This smoothie tastes so good and sweet that it might keep you addicted for a while.

It is amazing ratio of vitamins and minerals will boost your overall energy and libido. This smoothie is best absorbed in the morning on empty stomach.

To make it you will need only 3 main ingredients :

  1. Ripe bananas ( with the black spots)  6x
  2. Raw Cacao Powder ( it has to be light brown color ) 6x table spoon 
  3. Raw Maca Root Powder 2x tea spoon 
  4. Few Raw Mint Leaves ( optional ) 
  5. 5x Ice Cubes or Half Cup of Water ( optional ) 

Blending time depends of your blender power but you should blend it until it becomes fully liquid.

Bananas are full of natural sugars which do not raise your blood sugar levels. They are also full of potassium which is great for your kidneys.

Maca Powder is super food rich in many minerals and vitamins. It will also give a great flavor to your smoothie and make you feel full. Maca is very popular libido booster now days.

Cacao is also know as mineral rich food and popular libido booster. It contains a lot of iron which is essential for great health.

Please note : Use only raw cacao which is light brown color not the dark cacao. If cacao has dark color it means it has been processed and enzymes in it are gone. This will make your blood acidic.

Mint leaves will enhance flavor of your smoothie but mint is widely know for it’s healing properties.

Source: Vegan-news.com