September 13, 2023
From Euro Group For Animals

Turkistarhaus historiaan (consign fur farming to history) calls for a law to ban fur farming in Finland within a reasonable transition period, in addition to rolling out a support system for fur farmers to ensure a fair transition for all.

Finnish citizens’ initiatives have 6 months in which to gather the required level of support. After breaking records by acquiring the required 50,000 signatures in only one day, over 100,000 names have now been added. Signatures are collected on the Ministry of Justice’s website.

The organisers highlighted the suffering of animals such as mink and foxes, the economically unprofitable industry and public health risks as reasons why fur farming must be brought to an end. 

The demand for a ban will be debated in the Finnish parliament after validation of the signatures.

The success of the initiative is another clear indication that European citizens want to see an end to fur farming, as proven by the European Citizens’ Initiative Fur Free Europe which gathered over 1.5 million validated signatures. 

Visit the initiative’s website to learn more, add your support if you are a Finnish citizen, or donate.