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Co-op To Release Vegan Red Velvet Latte

August 11, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Tried? liked? didn’t like?

GRO brand launch two new vegan drinks including a red velvet latte.

The Co-op GRO brands latest editions are ‘The Oat One’ and the ‘Red Velvet Latte’.

New drink in bottle

Image: Co-op

The chilled latte is due to launch on the 18th of August and will be priced at £1. It comes in a convenient 250ml sized bottle, ideal for popping in a bag when out on the go.

The red velvet drink is fortified with vitamin D and B12 and gets its colour from carrot and beetroot, unlike most commercially available red velvet which often contains cochineal/carmine as its colour source.

The Co-op describes the latte as, ‘frothy and morish’ with ‘an oaty flavour with hints of subtle roast coffee and rounded with sweet vanilla and cocoa notes at the end’.

Jonathan Howard, Co-op’s Chilled Drinks Developer said “We wanted to combine popular yet unique flavour profiles, Red Velvet and Mocha, for an exciting new offer that adds something different to your lunch or breakfast. Chilled Lattes continue to be extremely popular and we’re so excited to bring this affordable vegan option to the market, in our new 100% recyclable RPET packaging!”

The Oat One is available in 1ltr tetra cartons for 79p and is also fortified with Vitamin D, B12, and Calcium.

The Co-op continues to price match their own brand vegan and plant-based options to the non-vegan equivalent making them an affordable and convenient choice for many.

You can use the following link to locate your nearest Co-op store:



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