May 28, 2021
From Toronto Vegetarian Association

We’re hiring! Are you under 30 and a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident? Interested in helping us work on some great upcoming projects? Apply for one of our three Canada Summer Jobs positions!

Click on the links below to read the full job descriptions as well as details for how to apply.

The Community Outreach Assistant will be primarily responsible for engaging with the local plant-based community by assisting with the planning and execution of the Veg Guide to optimize the number of businesses willing to list their vegetarian and vegan options to serve the community. Secondly, they will be responsible for assisting with outreach, mainly through some digital support for the virtual veg food fest and other administrative tasks in support of these programs.

The Veg Food Fest Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Toronto Vegetarian Association Team during the preparation and execution of the 37th annual Veg Food Fest (VFF).
Due to the effects of COVID-19, this year’s VFF will look and feel very different to what it has in previous years and the individual in this role will play a significant part in helping the TVA to innovate and adapt our Festival in real time.They will be responsible for some vendor recruitment and communicating information clearly to vendors leading up to and during the Festival. There will be opportunities to collaborate on the digital and hybrid components of Veg Food Fest and assisting with creative content.

The Special Projects Assistant will support the deployment of several unique operational and technical projects over the course of 16 weeks. These special projects will include, but may not be limited to the following: Creating a digital storefront and setting up an Amazon affiliate programme, including books and merchandise. Cataloguing, organizing and selling existing merchandise in preparation for the organization to move office locations. Supporting the creation of a new blog on our website and supporting data migration of customer information to a new software system. This individual will gain valuable project management skills and insight into setting up digital business lines and modernizing backend customer systems.

Applications for all three positions will be accepted on a rolling basis, with an anticipated start date of July 5th!