December 29, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Cafe chain brings back some old favourites and new vegan items.

This January, Costa has brought some vegan-friendly items to the menu, including the brand new macaroni cheese box. All products are available in stores now in time for veganuary.

The new vegan products include a vegan macaroni cheeze and a chocolate and pecan slice from BOSH!. The slice will have a  tiffin base, dark chocolate, and biscuit pieces and be topped with caramel, dark chocolate and pecan pieces. The companies teamed up before for the previous tiffin slice. 

Other new items include a Love Bear gingerbread and a gluten-free, vegan apple crumble flapjack.

Not only are they bringing out new items, but the classic BBQ chick’n cheese panini is returning. It has a BBQ sauce, vegan cheese, roasted peppers and fresh spinach.

Vegan Food UK posted the news about the fresh spinach and parsley crumb macaroni cheese, and someone showed their excitement by commenting, ‘my fave lunch turned v gang (vegan).’

A Costa Coffee spokesperson said: ‘This January we want to spoil our customers, giving them the ultimate feel-good start to the year. What better way to do that than to create the most wonderful limited-edition food menu to enjoy!’

‘We are lucky enough to have collaborated with some amazing brands this January to bring sweet treats that encapsulate great flavours including the new BOSH!  Chocolate & Pecan Slice’

Which item are you most looking forward to?