September 27, 2021
From Vegan Life

Noted In Style uncover the hidden animal abuse behind many notebooks

By Noted In Style

A vegan notebook. Sounds great doesn’t it? But what exactly makes a notebook ‘vegan’ and why should you invest in one? Let us tell you all you need to know.

Here comes the obvious…(wait for it)…there will be no leather cover

Sometimes you’ve just got to state the obvious! The cover of a vegan notebook won’t be made from animal hide but from other man-made materials, such as card, papers, cloths, linens or PU.

You might even be familiar with the term ‘vegan leather’; this is an imitation leather derived from man-made or plant resources, and it allows you to enjoy the visual and tactile experience that leather creates without the presence of any animal products.

Do be aware though that being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean the product is top of the environmentally friendly list. When looking for a vegan cover, it’s important to choose wisely, as some man-made materials contain a lot of plastic and use lots of chemicals, water and energy to fabricate.

Could you accidentally be writing in a non-vegan notebook? 1

If you’re looking for an ethical product then you might want to stick to easily recyclable materials such as paper, or look out for any eco inventive products, there are plenty on the market!

It’s not just about the cover though. Inside the notebook there are components you might never have thought about that may also contain animal products. The glue makes up a vital element of the notebook by securing the end papers to the covers and strengthening the book block along the spine.

Vegan notebooks will use glue with plant derivatives and natural resins (rather than gelatine), making the adhesive totally animal-free.

Other times, the difference between a vegan and non-vegan notebook lies in what’s printed onto the paper. Inks can contain a wide range of animal products, from the gelatine that creates glycerin, to beetle shellac that can give ink its distinctive colour. For ink to be vegan, these must be derived from either plant based or man-made origins.

So, if you’re heading to the shops in search for a vegan notebook, don’t just assume that you can tell whether it’s vegan or not, because you won’t be able to!

vegan notebook notebooks

From Moleskine to Swatch, vegan notebooks appear and function just like any notebook!

Guess what? Opting for a vegan notebook doesn’t mean that style or quality is compromised

Just because vegan notebooks can’t use all materials available on the market, this doesn’t mean that they can’t match the quality, functionality or stylish looks you might come to expect.

The reality is, these days we have the resources and materials to ensure that vegan products can equal their non-vegan competitors. Vegan inks and glues have been tried and tested for years now, and the likelihood is that you own something containing them and are none the wiser of its vegan status.

With such a strong consumer demand for environmentally conscious solutions, material production has really advanced in the past few years too. There’s recycled cottons and papers – even banana leaf covers!

Some of these materials really are quite impressive – hugely tactile and stylish looking. It’s amazing what we can do these days, and we have science to thank.


This notebook is made from recycled plastic bottles…just how innovative is that?!

You can help save the planet…one vegan notebook at a time

According to a published study in Science Mag, the production of meat and dairy make up 60 per cent of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions; hence the big push to get us all to limit the amount of animal products we consume.

Now, we know that going vegan is not quite the same as buying vegan notebooks for your personal use, but it’s the little changes that add up to make a big difference. That little vegan notebook at your hand for note taking and jotting down musings could help save the planet…in one tiny but significant way.

By Noted In Style,