March 29, 2020

First of all I want to say thank you Dr. Sebi for helping me to regain my health back. From my personal experience, I witnessed the true healing power of his knowledge. The main reason why I wrote this article is that I have healed myself thanks to this great man and his videos on youtube. I was already vegan for 2 years but I struggled to find a proper diet that fits my body and my daily routine. I discovered him via some comment on youtube and my journey started. He is a very interesting person and listening to his voice was the best part of my day at the time because he offered hope. My goal is to share his knowledge and help others to heal themself.

So who is Dr. Sebi?

Dr. Sebi was one of
the greatest natural healers who ever lived od this planet. He was also a
pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist. He traveled the world and
learned a lot about herbs which have the ability to health the body. He has
developed a very unique approach and methodology for healing humans with a
restricted vegan diet and healing herbs.

He was born as Alfredo Bowman on November 26, 1933, in the village of Ilanga, located in Spanish Honduras. Very interesting about him that he is a completely self-educated man. He also learned a lot from his beloved grandmother.

When he came to the
United States he was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity.
He tried to get help from medical doctors but after many unsuccessful
treatments in western medicine he got a contact in Mexico and was introduced to
one of the best herbalists in over there and his journey started.

His herbalist helped
him a lot to start fasting and to use proper combinations of healing herbs and
that was his turning point. After, he developed his system for cellular
cleansing and body revitalization. Alfredo Bowman dedicated the rest of his
life and in that 30 years he developed a unique healing system that healed
thousands of people from various diseases which modern medicine could not heal.
He was inspired by his personal healing experience and knowledge that he gained
and he began sharing his compounds with others, which lead to the birth of Dr.
Sebi’s Cell Food.

He made his healing
program as well and called it African Bio-Mineral Therapy Program. It
identifies and targets the real causes of the diseases and not only to treat
the symptoms, of the disease like modern medicine.

He concluded that the
main cause of all diseases is mucus which forms in the body after eating
processed and unhealthy foods… He claimed that diseases will always manifest
in the part of the body where mucus has accumulated most over time.

 His cell food
compounds were specially designed to extract mucus from a specific area of the
body, but it is also necessary for the body to be cleaned inside out. His
compounds are very unique and they are designed to cleanse and nourish the
whole body.

His approach was very
successful in reversing in all know diseases because like he claims there is
only one disease and that disease is mucus.

He developed his
nutritional guide and listed all allowed foods which are good for the human
body. Those foods are not mucus forming and they have the ability to heal the
body inside out. You can get a complete list of allowed foods if you register
on his website.

Foods which are allowed by Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide

Allowed foods by Dr.
Sebi’s nutritional guide:

Allowed Fruits: seeded melons, papayas, pears, dates, apples,
cantaloupe, figs, currants, elderberries, berries, peaches, soft jelly
coconuts, plums, seeded key limes, mangoes, prickly pears, Latin or West
Indies soursop, tamarind

chickpeas, avocado,
mushrooms (except shiitake), bell peppers, cactus flower, cucumber, dandelion
greens, kale, lettuce (except iceberg), okra, olives, sea vegetables, squash,
tomatoes (only cherry and plum), zucchini

Allowed Grains: quinoa, fonio, amaranth, spelt, Khorasan wheat (kamut), rye, wild rice, teff,

Allowed Nuts and
raw tahini butter,
Brazil nuts, raw sesame seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts

Allowed Oils: hempseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil
(uncooked), coconut oil (uncooked), grapeseed oil, sesame oil

Allowed Herbal
elderberry, chamomile, ginger,
fennel, tila, burdock

Allowed Spices: pure sea salt, oregano, basil, cloves, date
sugar, bay leaf, dill, sweet basil, achiote, cayenne, habanero, tarragon, onion
powder, sage, thyme, powdered granulated seaweed, pure agave syrup.

Also it is allowed to
dring water in addition to tea, but it should be fresh spring water.

Also you can make
pasta, cereal, bread, or flour from recommended foods, but you need to be aware
that yeast or baking powder is not allowed.

Foods which are not allowed by Dr.Sebi Nutritional Guide

Any foods that are not
included in the Dr. Sebi nutrition guide are not permitted, such as:

  • wheat
  • dairy
  • red meat
  • fish
  • canned fruits or vegetables
  • seedless fruits
  • all kinds of eggs
  • poultry
  • soy and its products
  • all processed foods
  • fortified food
  • sugar (except date sugar and agave syrup)
  • all kinds of alcohol
  • yeast or foods which use yeast to rise
  • foods which are made with baking powder

Many fruits,
vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds are also forbidden on this diet.

Dr. Sebi recommends
eating only foods that are listed in the guide to get good results.

Dr. Sebi
Detoxification & Regeneration

He focuses on removing
the accumulated toxins from the body. His African Bio-mineral Balance replaces
depleted minerals in the body and has the ability to rejuvenate damaged cells
and the tissues eroded by the system acid. 

He tells us that we
need to put extra effort into the primary organs for elimination. These organs
are the liver, skin, gall bladder, lymphatic glands, kidneys and colon.

He claims that you
need to eliminate all toxins from those organs to start healing.

The most important
organ by Dr. Sebi is a colon and it must be detoxified before any disease can
be healed, but in order to heal completely you need to clean other organs as
well and the disease will leave the body.

After cleaning the
body will be able to rebuild itself. Dr. Sebi has passed away, unfortunately,
god bless his soul but hi knowledge is passed to his daughter who continues his
works in Honduras and she is still offering the Bio-Mineral Therapy

The main rules of Dr.
Sebi’s nutritional guide are:

  1. Eat foods listed in the nutritional guide and nothing else
  2. Drink 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water per day
  3. Take Dr. Sebi’s supplements one hour before you take medications
  4. No animal products are allowed at all
  5. Alcohol is not allowed.
  6. You need to avoid wheat products and you need to consume only “natural-growing grains” which are listed in the guide
  7. You need to stop using a microwave because it is killing your food
  8. You need to avoid canned and seedless fruits

Can you lose weight on Dr. Sebi’s Diet?

Originally Dr. Sebi’s
diet is not designed for losing weight but if you follow this diet you will
probably lose weight if your body accumulated toxins or if you are overweight.

The diet is completely
opposite of the classic western diet, which mainly consisted of processed foods
and loaded with sugars, salts, fats, and calories.

Dr. Sebi’s diet
promotes unprocessed vegan foods and followers of his diet have fewer chances of
getting heart disease and obesity.

One 2 months study was
done and found that people who followed and ate whole foods, low in fats,
strictly plant-based diet did lose significantly more weight than people who
did not his diet. (5Trusted Source).

Furthermore, most
foods on this diet are low in calories, except for nuts, seeds, avocados, and
oils. Therefore, even if you ate a large volume of approved foods, it’s
unlikely that it would result in a surplus of calories and lead to weight gain.

You have to be aware
that his diet does not specify the exact quantities and portions, it’s very
difficult to tell will provides enough calories and will help you lose weight
because it depends on the adaptation of every single follower.

We can conclude that
Dr. Sebi’s diet is not made with the purpose to lose weight but it can be very
beneficial if you follow it strictly.

The summary

The Dr. Sebi diet is
based on eating nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy
fats. These foods are known to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer and
they are great fighters against inflammation.

Following Dr. Sebi’s
diet might give you better health, but in order to know will it work for you or
not you need to put it to test. You need to study his videos and read his
recommendations, and when you think you have enough information you can start.