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Drink plant milks this World Milk Day

May 31, 2023
From Animal Aid

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Drink plant milks this World Milk Day – Animal Aid

This World Milk Day, help animals and the planet by drinking plant milks instead of dairy!

For the animals

The dairy industry is horrifically cruel to animals. Dairy cows face a lifetime of forced impregnation, having their babies taken away from them, and then when they are no longer considered ‘profitable’, usually being sent to the slaughterhouse. If their babies are female, they will face a similar fate to that of their mother. If they are male, they are often sent to veal farms, killed shortly after birth, or even exported to other countries to be raised and slaughtered for consumption.

For the planet

Dairy farming is also terrible for the environment. It is one of the biggest causes of water pollution in the UK, according to the Environment Agency. Slurry from farms runs out of farms and slurry-pits where it seeps into rivers, streams and waterways. This kills fish and other wildlife and causes major damage to the environment.

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