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Eat Well Group Plans Listing on Major US Stock Exchange

November 22, 2021
From Vegconomist

Eat Well Group Plans Listing on Major US Stock Exchange – vegconomist – the vegan business magazine

  • November 22, 2021


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     Agri-food investment company has revealed it is investigating the possibility of a public listing in the US. The company is already listed on the .

    To explore listing options for the US, Eat Well’s Board of Directors has engaged investment bank Roth Capital Partners. The planned listing will be on a major exchange, though Eat Well has yet to confirm which one.

    Plant-based investments

    Eat Well invests in high-growth agribusiness, food tech, plant-based, and ESG companies. The company’s plant-based investments have been particularly strong this year, and are expected to achieve more than CAD$60 million of revenue in 2021. For next year, revenues of CAD$90-$110 million are being targeted.

    Amara Organic Foods
    ©Amara Organic Foods

    Eat Well recently , which is a producer of plant-based baby foods. The investment company was issued 2,047,299 Series A preferred shares in Amara’s capital in exchange for a subscription price of USD$11,600,000, representing a 51% equity ownership of Amara. Eat Well also has full ownership of , a plant-based snack brand, and pulse processer Belle Pulses.

    “Eat Well Group’s plant-based food investments have created one of the only vertically integrated platforms in the plant-based food industry, and we want to capitalize on the momentum and opportunity we have in our business,” said the company’s President Marc Aneed. “We have always been focused on enhancing shareholder value and believe a listing on a major US exchange will help broaden our institutional investor shareholder base. We expect both Roth’s experience in the health and wellness sector and their institutional investor relationships in the US and abroad to help us accelerate our timing.”

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