October 6, 2021
From Main Street Vegan
  • Food Is Climate

    posted September 28, 2021 Guest post by Glen Merzer My first opportunity to write about nutrition came in 1996, when Simon & Schuster engaged Howard Lyman and me to turn his story into the book that became Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat. I had never before written a… […]

  • A Rooster Mom + Mother Pigeon!

    This episode is for the birds — in all the very positive aspects of that term. We open with Brooklyn-based performance artist, Mother Pigeon (Tina Trachtenberg), a vegan, fabric craftsperson, and champion of urban wildlife. Follow her on Instagram at @MotherPigeonBrooklyn where you can also find the Patreon link to support her work.   In our second half, I… […]

  • A Review of MamaSezz

    posted September 21, 2021 by Cindy Thompson, MVLCE “I’m so busy! How can I even cook this way?” “My elderly parents want to eat whole food, plant-based, but need easy options, like a meal delivery!” “How can I help my kid in college be less of a junk-food vegan and eat more healthy?” “Sometimes I… […]

  • MSV Podcast Show Notes, September 15: Human Design & Recycle Your Clothes

    If you’re looking for a light-hearted and practical hour to learn something new and have a good time, this episode is for you. In our first half, Cortney Ostrosky, a Main Street Vegan-certified coach and a 1000-hour yoga instructor, shares with us the fascinating ideas of “Human Design.” It’s one more way to know ourselves,… […]

  • Casting Away My Carnist Corporate Ego at Eleven Madison Park

    posted September 14, 2021 by Nivi Jaswal, MVLCE If my self-worth was a jacket, it would be made of lambskin lined with merino wool, trimmed with mink, a carnist pincushion with rebellious flairs, patches and badges screaming Airline Lounge Nomad, Serial Passport Killer, Michelin Star Hound, Steakhouse Rat, Caviar Hunter, Keto Samurai, Bullet Coffee Addict,… […]

  • Jainism and the Luvin Arms Sanctuary, MSV Podcast Episode #447

    OMG, you’ll feel happier after you listen to today’s episode! Shaleen Shah of Luvin Arms Sanctuary, blissfully convenient to both Denver and Boulder, has such a positive take on our vegan future. (He’s pictured here with his wife, Shilpi and two Luvin Arms residents.) In this episode, he shares about how the sanctuary came to… […]

  • Car-less and Carefree

    reposted September 8, 2021 by Cherie Hans, VLCE   My friend Charlie gave up his car when the lease expired about five years ago, shocking the salesman at the dealership and pretty much everybody else. ‘Want to decrease stress, help the environment, get into better shape, and spend less money? Give up your car and… […]

  • Vegan Buddhists on Outer Action & Inner Peace, MSV Podcast Episode 446

    Attorney David Blatte, author of The Vegan Imperative: Why We Must Give Up Meat and Why We Don’t, and Lani Muelrath, whose latest title is Mindfulness, share about The Great Compassion, on this episode, which first aired lived on Unity Online Radio September 1, 2021. You can listen to the Main Street Vegan podcast there,… […]

  • Long-term Weight Loss, by Victoria Moran

    If I set out to find the sixty pounds and pre-diabetic condition I let go of, I’d have to look in the era of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, of Flashdance, The Big Chill, and Terms of Endearment, a time when it seemed normal to wear leg warmers and shoulder pads and have a perm…. […]

  • Microsanctuary Life

    posted August 24, 2021 by Allison Hess, VLCE Sanctuaries are the backbone of our movement for justice. They are a crucial part of providing refuge, education, and connection. As soon as I could walk, my love for cats was profound. I carried a sample of cat food in my backpack for the day when I’d… […]

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