November 1, 2021
From Vegan Food And Living

Evanna Lynch stars as a vegan alien queen in the new sci-fi short film “You Eat Other Animals?”.

The vegan film was written and directed by vegan filmmaker Ed Wiles with the aim to spread awareness of veganism.

Set on an alien spaceship, the short comedy centres on two aliens who are about to show a pair of happy-go-lucky men untold wonders when they discover their animal-based eating habits.

Moreover, You Eat Other Animals? will premiere today on YouTube to celebrate World Vegan Day.

You Eat Other Animals?

The five-minute vegan sci-fi film shows how two highly evolved aliens might react to the animal-based human diet.

In addition to celebrating World Vegan Day, the film aims to shine a light on animal agriculture.

In a statement, Wile explained the value of using humour to promote important subjects such as veganism.

Wile added: “Comedy lets you say something meaningful in a more subtle way – you don’t come across as too righteous while saying it.”

Additionally, Wile credited Lynch and the cast for making the film a success: “Everyone was brilliant. In a way, Evanna had the hardest role because she had to play it straight and be funny while the others, especially the guys, had more obviously comical lines.”

Furthermore, profits from the self-funded film will be donated to animal charities.

You Eat Other Animals? will be released on YouTube at 12 pm today.

Evanna Lynch vegan activism

While Lynch is best known for her role in Harry Potter, she also dedicates a lot of her time to vegan activism.

As well as hosting the vegan podcast Chickpeeps, the vegan celebrity has also launched a cruelty-free beauty subscription box.

Additionally, Lynch is also an ambassador for Veganuary.

It is vital that celebrities like Evanna use their platform to promote the plant-based movement in order to spread awareness.

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