July 21, 2021
From Vegans Baby

Your hunt for vegan bakeries in Las Vegas ends here. From pop-ups to online bakeries to actual storefronts, Las Vegas has no shortage of vegan bakery options. Las Vegas even has vegan bakeries. Stop searching online to find vegan bakeries near you, this is the only guide you need.  

Are you looking for a vegan cake? Scroll down or check out round-up of some of the best businesses to order vegan cakes in Las Vegas.

Frolic and Folly

Bite’z Cookies

Bite’z Cookies is an all-vegan cookie shop in Silverado Ranch. They’ve got all sorts of cookies to devour and are open super late if you want some fresh, warm goodness in the middle of the night (they close at 3 a.m.). 9635 S. Bermuda


Caked has daily vegan cupcakes in flavors like vanilla, marble, chocolate, funfetti and red velvet. Icings include vanilla, chocolate and vegan buttercream. In addition, they can do custom flavors and vegan cake orders upon request with 24 – 48 hours notice. 7175 W. Lake Mead

CannaCake Babe

CannaCake Babe doesn’t just make vegan birthday cakes — she can also make cannabis-infused vegan birthday cakes. So, for the edible enthusiast in your life, this is the baker to choose. Aside from that, the vegan bakery creates cupcakes, truffles, cookies and more. Online.

Charlie’s Brownies

Originally from Cali, Charlie’s Brownies now resides in Vegas, which is our win. These bad boys are dairy-free and gluten-free and ooey, gooey good. Order online and have them shipped, or watch for when they pop-up at spots like Vegas Test Kitchen. Online.


Craving cinnamon buns, cookies or brownies? Check out Cinnaholic. From customized buns to their offerings, plus other baked goods, this sweet spot has numerous locations across town. Multiple locations.


The Cupcave is all-vegan and offers cupcakes, cookies, scones, cakes and more. In addition, they have gluten-free options. You can find their scones and coffee cakes at Bungalow Coffee, Savor Coffee and A Taste of Coffee. Online.

Custom Cakes by Rachel

Custom cakes by Rachel makes cakes, cake pops, cookies and more. Order via FacebookOnline.

Frolic & Folly

From over-the-top cookie-laden cakes to whimsical to simple and elegant, Frolic & Folly burst onto the vegan bakery scene in late 2020. With a decadent list of cake flavors, icings, and enhancements, offerings here include specialty cakes that are jaw-dropping, pastries, treats and more. Online.

Las Vegas Custom Cakes

Order a custom vegan cake with Las Vegas Custom Cakes, a custom bakery. Orders must be placed 1 – 2 weeks in advance and a minimum order of $120 is requited. 5243 W. Charleston Blvd. — by appt. only.

Luchkoff Patisserie

Luchkoff always has double chocolate vegan cookies that are gluten-free. In addition, they offer avocado chocolate vegan cake, vegan banana bread, vegan baklava and five breads. Custom orders include vegan French macarons, coconut macarons and walnut meringue cookies. 4165 S. Grand Canyon

Nutriente Pastry Studio

Located in the Southwest, Nutriente Pastry Studio uses sustainable, environmentally-friendly, traceable and natural products to create their pastries. Offerings include gluten-free and vegan. 7225 S. Durango

Peterson’s Pantry

Peterson’s Pantry delivers fresh-made vegan comfort food across Las Vegas. Aside from their home-cooked chicken pot pies and calzones (and so much more!), Peterson’s Pantry also makes stunning vegan birthday cakes. Online.

Poppy Red Pastry

Using mostly organic ingredients, Poppy Red Pastry offers cupcakes, cookies, bars, sweet breads and coffee cake … all vegan. Available for pick-up and deliveryOnline.

Retro Bakery

Retro Bakery offers cupcakes and cakes — chocolate cake with Oreo, strawberry or vanilla icing. 10217 W. Charleston Blvd.

Senza Gluten-Free Bakery

The gluten-free Las Vegas bakery offers a vegan Chocolate Obsession cookie. 9640 W. Tropicana 

Susie’s Gluten-Free Cupcakes

You can find Susie’s gluten-free, vegan cupcakes at farmers markets across town, as well as pop-ups at Vegas Test Kitchen. You can also order via phone: 951-345-0897. Pop-up.

Sweet Earth Confections

Not only does Sweet Earth Confections offer cake, cookies, and mini cakes, they also make macarons, petit fours and more. In addition, Sweet Earth Confections has kits and online baking classes. Order via their websiteOnline.

Ta’s Caribbean Spice

Ta’s does Caribbean eats. And, they also do custom cakes. Order via InstagramOnline.

Usagi Bakery

Usagi Bakery focuses on ethical, sustainable baked good and offers custom cakes. Check them out and order on InstagramOnline.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods offers vegan cakes, cookies and pastries daily. You can also customize cakes. Numerous locations in town.

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