October 21, 2018
From Vegan-News.com

This days most of the people take some kind of supplements on daily basis. Our whole generation is bombarded with supplement adverts. But do they really work like it’s promised .

If we take calcium supplements will we have strong bones ? If we take multivitamins will this improve our immune system? Will we have more energy if we take magnesium supplements….

The fact is that supplements have some benefits for humans. But in order to find out how much benefits and what could go wrong we need to dig deeper to find out the whole truth.

If we take any kind of chemical substance and put it in our body , the body will treat this as a toxin and not as a food. This is the fact. The body will try to neutralize the effect of the pill.

Also the fact is that the the body will absorb some of the supplements and it will utilize it . This way we might have some benefits for a short time. So in our opinion taking supplements might be beneficial but if do not take them on regular basis. One time per week is the maximum amount which should not harm the body.

If you take supplements every day, no mater which kind of supplements the body will start to reject them and it will stop absorbing them. After this happens there is also one more risk. The body might not be able to utilize nutrients from food properly because it might get overloaded with chemical supplements.

When this happens you might experience different kinds of health problems just because you wanted to help your self.

The body is designed to take nutrients from foods only not the pills. Every time you take some pills you are putting your body to the certain health risks.

If someone suffer from malnutrition the problems should be treated different way. The first thing that should be considered is the detoxification of the guts and cleaning the digestive system. This will enable the body to take nutrients from foods the way it’s originally designed.

The only way to heal is the natural way, we believe.

Fruits will clean the body and fill it with vitamins.

Vegetables will nourish us with minerals. Nuts and seed will feed us with proteins and essential fats. This is the fact also.

Source: Vegan-news.com