November 11, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Limited edition vegan Mochi flavour for Veganuary

Little moons, a public favourite for mochi balls, are launching a limited edition ‘PeaNOT caramel crunch’ flavour for Veganuary. They will be available from the Little moons website at £40 per 6 packs and at the little moons pick ‘n’ mix in Selfridges and Westfield. 

The new flavour will have a salted caramel gelato base, with the addition of crunchy caramel pieces. It won’t have any peanuts in it but will replicate the taste of peanut butter. In addition, it will be coated in the classic mochi dough, which takes the flavour of salted caramel and peaNOT. 

Other vegan flavours available from Little moons are tropical passion fruit and mango, Belgian chocolate and hazelnut and Belgium chocolate.

Although nut-free, these are made alongside other nuts, the company can’t guarantee it doesn’t contain nuts.

Litlle Moons say ‘It took them two years to master the mochi-making process and perfect the ice cream recipes‘.

Which is your favourite flavour and will you be trying this Veganuary exclusive?