July 13, 2023
From Vegconomist

Fazenda Futuro, the top plant-based meat brand in Brazil (also known as Future Farm globally), has launched Futuro Aveia, a new range of oat beverages. The new alternatives, including original, chocolate, vanilla, and ‘for cooking,’ are already available in one-liter packs at major retailers such as Pão de Açúcar and Carrefour.

Founded in 2019, Fazenda Futuro specializes in plant-based meats such as burgers, chicken strips, meatballs, and ground beef. In 2021, the Brazilian producer expanded its portfolio to offer its first-ever seafood product: plant-based canned tuna.

Future Farm retails at 10,000 points across Brazil and has launched its products in 30 other countries. The brand operates in Colombia and Chile and has announced plans to expand into Argentina. Its primary markets outside Brazil are the UK and the USA. Following its launch into the US, the company closed a $58 million Series C funding round to continue its expansion and launch alt dairy productsReportedly, the company was valued at BRL 2.2 billion in 2021. 

Chocolate oat drink
© Fazenda Futuro

Futuro for breakfast

Marcos Leta, the founder of Fazenda Futuro, told the online platform Exame that after conducting a survey that revealed Fazenda Futuro as the most remembered brand in Brazil’s vegan and vegetarian products industry, the company saw an opportunity to expand its portfolio into the plant-based milk category in Brazil.

After extensive R&D, the company developed a product, a mix between an analog and an oat alternative, by leveraging the smoothness and lightness of newly available improved oats, explained Leta. Since the NPD delivers a similar texture and overall performance to cow’s milk without an overpowering oat taste, the company will promote its product, especially in breakfast meals. According to Leta, a survey shows that 93% of milk consumers use it in coffee and cereal at breakfast meals.

“Today the Future Farm family gets bigger with the arrival of Futuro Aveia, our line of plant-based drinks. It could not be different. Future Farm is the most remembered brand in the category of vegan and vegetarian products, and our eye is always there, in the Future,” says the brand on social media. 

Source: Vegconomist.com