November 19, 2021
From Vegan Food UK

Vegan-friendly leather made from corn launches in Louis Vuitton’s new shoes

Louis Vuitton has launched a limited edition shoe named ‘Charlie’. They are made from corn, making it the brands first vegan shoe line. It’s sold through the Louis Vuitton store and comes in both high top or low top versions.

The shoes are made from 90% sustainable materials but the main event is the smooth white material made from a corn base leather replica.

The rest of the shoe is made from materials including a 94% recycled rubber sole, a tongue made from ECONYL® and laces from recycled materials.

Vegan materials leading the way

This isn’t the first time Vegan materials have replaced leather. Top brands such as Nike, Addidas, Doc Martens and others have a selection of cruelty-free/animal-free shoes.

A rising material in shoe manufacturing is Piñatex, a leather replica made from wasted pineapple leaves. Big names such as Hugo Boss, Paul Smith and No saint have collections featuring the pineapple ‘leather’.

Which vegan-friendly shoes are your go-to?